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By: Brian Moore Log Homes  09-12-2011
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During the rush to build a home, you will make a lot of decisions.  Some of which will be left to your log cabin or timber frame builder.  When we look at a client's project, we take into consideration many issues that may not be apparent, but important to the successful completion of their home.


Our team is ready to design a log or timber home for you.  We can develop a unique floor plan for you from a sketch or photographs from magazines or modify one of our existing floor plans.  We will spend the time necessary to create a home that will represent your needs.  Our approach to design starts with the site and ends with a set of plans inclusive of everyone’s comments and your spending plan.  Our renderings will reflect the materials you intend to use on the house.  It makes estimating easier and gives you confidence in the appearance. 

Your contractor or our representative will also feel they are building from their construction details.  That consensus is important as the construction details are key to you measuring the progress and quality of the construction on your home.  The final plans will include local building regulations and construction details.  In some cases, we can help you submit the plans for approval with the building department in your town. 

Please view our

section for ideas.  We can complete a set of final plans for you in 2 months.  Getting started is easy.  We can produce preliminary drawings for you in 2 weeks.  Learn more about our


Log and Timber Homes

   • Kitchen walls can be flattened to save interior space and speed up installation time. 

   • We drill holes for electrical wiring and cut recesses for electrical outlets. 

   • We cut our window and door openings to accommodate future settling.

We stay on top of and employ prooven construction products for log cabins and timber frame structures.  For example, P-gaskets are standard on our Canadian log home kits to prevent air and water infiltration. This addition increases your timber or log home walls’ R-value or insulation value by as much as 12%.

Wood Species for Your Home

We typically build from large Douglas fir and Western Red Cedar timber harvested along the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Western Red Cedar

– Cedar is popular because of its warm color, scent, stability, and resistance to weather. You can take advantage of Cedar's flared ends to create character posts and beams. View a


Douglas fir

– Douglas fir has a blond tint to its color. It provides excellent strength to a building, and a uniform taper and look. We recommend it for timber frame and post and beam homes. View a


Kiln dried wood

– Kiln dried wood is extremely stable material, which can be important for complex projects because it is more stable. View a


Additional Wood Products

Cedar products – Some of our clients are also interested in wood products to ascent their log work.  For example, you may desire cedar siding or shingles on exterior walls, such as gable ends and dormers.  Another popular product is skirl siding.

Stain products

– Plus, we help clients pick out exterior and interior wood stains that are engineered for log and timber homes.  Because stains look different on brochures than our wood, we will test colors on the wood we will use on your project.

Stairs and Railing – Many customers also request log stairs and railing for their home.  We recommend you purchase cedar wood for exterior railing and stairs because it more durable in the weather.


– You may want to personalize your home with a Canadian carving.  We can help you sketch a concept for a carving before we begin.

Shipping and Customs Services –

We arrange the transportation of yourlog or timber home in a 40’ container or a trailer from our construction yard to your site.  We attempt to pack your log or timber package to minimize space.  We also label and group the pieces for fast reassembly on site.

Benefit from quality timber and log home products

To learn how we make your home’s design and building process easy and convenient for you, please see our design and construction process for timber frame and log cabin kits.

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