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By: Brad Willems  09-12-2011

In today’s speculative marketplace, there still remains a process by which a personalized investment plan is established for consistent long-term success.”
Brad Willems, CFP

 By completing an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) with our clients, we are able to establish a road map to guide our investment decisions. The appropriate asset mix is determined by taking into account the investment time horizon, risk tolerance, income needs, and tax concerns. Ultimately, your investment plan should fit with your needs and lead you to your goals.

Here are some of the Investment management companies that we both utilize and trust with our client’s assets.

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Risk Management Planning « Brad Willems, CFP & Team

However, a financial event that we can’t control would be a premature death, or a sudden disability, and this is where Risk Management Planning becomes especially important to a sound financial plan. Since the average person doesn’t have wads of money stuffed under their mattress, the best and most cost efficient solution to protect family members from injury or illness is Life Insurance.


Tax Planning « Brad Willems, CFP & Team

As part of our ongoing service commitment, we initiate and recommend practical tax planning solutions to minimize our client’s tax burden.”Jared Neufeldt, CFP, FMA, BBA. The unfortunate part is that the average Canadian taxpayer neglects to utilize many of the tax-smart strategies that are available. There are few financial topics that create the kind of emotional reaction that taxes do.


Estate Planning « Brad Willems, CFP & Team

For those of our clients who have extensive estate planning needs, we enlist the expertise of Jane Shanks, who is the Regional Vice President of Wealth Planning with United Financial, a division of CI Private Counsel LP. One of the challenges that come with wealth is finding the most effective and tax-efficient method to distribute assets, either upon death or during one’s lifetime.


Retirement Planning « Brad Willems, CFP & Team

At the end of the day, if we have clarified the unknown, brought to light a path to follow, and put in place a way to get there, then we have brought value to the relationship we hold with our clients. One of the most common retirement questions that we are asked is:Will our money outlast us, or will we outlast our money. Most people approach their retirement years having mixed emotions about the next phase in life.


Our Services « Brad Willems, CFP & Team

Trust is so needed when it comes to the careful investment your hard earned money. They have a way of reading your needs and advising at a level you can appreciate. We have gratefully worked with Brad and his team for over 25 years. We trust Brad..experience, integrity and credibility. I have full confidence in recommending them to you.


Cash & Debt Management « Brad Willems, CFP & Team

Cash & Debt Management planning takes into consideration the opportunities to reduce flexible expenses, to increase non-salaried income, and to appropriately enhance investment return. Over the past 21 years I have seen a lot of people reach their financial goals, and unfortunately, I have also seen some people face significant financial hardship.