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By: Allcare Pets  09-12-2011
Keywords: cremation, private cremation

While Allcare Pet Services was established as a pet cremation service for veterinarians, we do offer services for pet owners and their families who wish to retain the remains of their loved ones after cremation. Appointments for witnessed and individual cremation services can be arranged through your veterinarian or by calling our office

Our facility is designed such that families may have the option to witness the cremation of their loved ones from the comfort of our viewing room. For some, the ability to bid farewell to their loved one prior to cremation offers a sense of closure. We do request that appointments be made for Witnessed Cremations.

Private Cremation is another option for those who wish to retain the remains of their loved one. This service includes taking possession of your beloved pet from your veterinarian's office, the private cremation process and the delivery of the remains back to the clinic to be reunited with your family. During the private cremation process, your pet is individually placed into the cremation chamber and then cremated. This method prevents any inter-mingling of remains. The remains are then processed into finer fragments and carefully sealed in a plastic bag and interred into our mother of pearl ceramic urn or a specialty urn of your choice. The remains are then returned to the clinic the next business day after pick-up.

This option is for owners who do not wish to retain the remains of their pet. Several pets are cremated together. This option offers the highest level of dignity at a modest cost. Communal remains are spread in a country garden in Mission.

Keywords: cremation, private cremation