Fire Escape Repair and Inspection

By: Bay Area Chimney  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fire Escape Inspection

Fire Escape Inspections & Repairs

For more than 15 years Bay Area Chimney has been accessing roofs by walking on fire escapes. We often find fire escape in serious disrepair. We now offer complete fire escape inspection and repair services including necessary welding and ironwork.

Here are some common corrections to make any fire escape system safer:

  • Seal all major connections for rust prevention by using silicone or similar material on the fire escape.
  • Remove all rust by scraping, then paint or replace metal depending on severity of condition.
  • Reinforce any connections to building as deemed necessary for structural safety.
  • Remove and replace any bolts that are in disrepair on the fire escape.
  • Paint all stairs and rails to prevent rusting on the fire escape.
  • Repair or replace cable for safe operation of the fire escape's drop ladder.

We service all types of fire escape systems, including:

  • Accordion scissor fire escape
  • Counter balance fire escape
  • Diagonal Accordion scissor fire escape
  • Pole ladder fire escape
  • Slider fire escape

Keywords: Fire Escape Inspection

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