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By: Bawldguy  09-12-2011

The science of decision-making has made significant progress over the last decade in examining how decisions are made. I know I have mentioned it before, but it bears repeating — our emotions play the part of the captain of our decision-making ship. Working in the sales arena I have seen this play out in fascinating ways. That is why the vast majority of people are really bad at the money game. Money carries such heavy emotional baggage that from the start our decisions are rarely rational even though most people would disagree with this statement.

So, here I am, having just made it through another boring day in Paradise, better known as San Diego. Never left the office from the morning till about 90 minutes ago. Was able to talk to some very cool folk, including a couple of ‘em who were fixes.

Two in one day, talk about endorphin overload.

OK, so what I’m avoiding saying is that I just don’t have a post in me today, and my contributors are busy takin’ care of their own businesses. Still, if ya wanna talk, and are willing to wait till Tuesday, you can reach me at 619 889-7100. Some like sending me a note via the Contact BawldGuy button. We’ll talk about how to get you to the retirement you’ve always thought was yours for the taking. Have a good one.

You’ll not see many smiles more appreciative. Texas Roadhouse rocks!

Hey peoples, I ran out of time today. Wish I had a better excuse, but that’s pretty much it. Hopefully Chad will give us a mortgage update tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the second part to Wednesday’s post will be up Monday. Thanks for understanding — BawldGuy.

The good news is, I now know why I was so bushed last night. The bad news is, it was my annual bout with my rebel sinuses. Hopefully there will be a post from one of the contributors for tomorrow. Have a good one.

Been puttin’ in the hours this month, lots. It’s been more fun than I should be allowed to have, but what the heck, I’m an addict, right? Fixes are to be savored. Anywho, it’s almost 8 o’clock tonight, and I don’t have much left in the tank. That’s my way of sayin’ there won’t be a post today. I owe ya one.

See you tomorrow. If the spirit moves you to get your retirement plans into, you know, a forward gear? Gimme a call at 619 889-7100 and we’ll put our heads together and make it happen. You can also click on the Contact BawldGuy button up top and send me a note. All fixes are very much appreciated. Have a good one.

Today was highly productive while being the time suck from a Stephen King novel. So much of what I do involves a seriously cool high tech infrastructure. I’ve no earthly idea what that means, much less what it involves, but I’ve always wanted to write the phrase, ‘high tech infrastructure’.

This is all to say there was no time left to put up a readable post today. I owe ya one.

On the other hand, you can still bring me a fix by callin’ me at 619 889-7100. Or, if you’d rather, send me a not by clickin’ on Contact BawldGuy up top. Have a good one.

Yesterday was not only wall to wall, but full of happy little surprises that were fixes to boot. Been awhile since I got home from work at almost 11. But it’s all good, except for the part of me draggin’ a bit, combined with the reality that the sun came up WAY before I was ready.

Bottom line? I’m toast, and will be back later, just not today. Gimme a call at 619 889-7100 and we’ll figure out your retirement plan — but wait till at least after 10 AM, alright? Have a good one.

Seems lately I’ve been talkin’ to a buncha folks in their mid-late 40′s and older. They’re wondering exactly how the heck the retirement they’ve been saving and investing for can possible happen. Many have still not fully recovered from the 2008 stock market plunge. What most of ‘em have in common is a degree of worry.

I’m here to tell you what I’ve told so many of these callers.

• It’s surprising how often folks are in better shape, with more options than they thought. Think: Answers to questions they never knew to ask.

• Like most of us, they become apprehensive when overwhelmed with what they sometimes perceive as a mountain to high to climb. There’s no mountain that high. There, I said it.

• Almost to a person, they had enough capital, assets, home equity, stocks, yo-yos, whatever, to make a respectable start, or begin to correct poor and/or uninformed decisions.

• They serious as a heart attack about retiring well, and before their kids are old enough to retire. I kid, but that’s what one of ‘em said she feared most — working till she simply couldn’t do it any longer.

If all this is hitting you between the eyes, please don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. You’re not — there are legions just like you. There is hope — not Kumbaya hope — but hope based in reality.

One thing ya gotta do first though. Ya gotta take that first step, whatever you decide that might be. Nothing happens without that initial action. It takes courage, more than some surmise.

Eat the elephant one bite at a time. It’s work, and it might take awhile, but it’s the kinda work that’ll get you outa work later on.

For lack of a better description, we’ll call that time of your life, retirement.

Call me at 619 889-7100 and we’ll work out a Purposeful Plan for your retirement together. Worst case? It’ll be better than where you may be headed now, right? Gimme a call, I need a fix. Have a good one.

The No-Brainer rule became inviolate policy for my firm back in the early 1980s. It came as a result of my analytical skills having been improved significantly by highly advanced education, experience in the market, and plain old repetition. Do dozens of five year after tax cash flow analyses. Then utilize that data to generate both Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and it’s field leveling cousin, what we OldSchoolers still call Financial Management Rate of Return (FMRR). Do all that in less than six months, and as in anything else, you’ll get fairly adept at it.

The real value of deep, empirically documentable analysis.

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