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Basic Funerals and Cremation Choices provides both modern and traditional burial services. We take care of everything needed to facilitate a burial such as documentation, transfer from the place of death and to the cemetery and the provision of the death certificate. Our Basic Burial services includes everything needed and there is no additional requirements. A complete basic burial service is $1890.00 (Taxes included) and includes a graveside service. If desired, anything can be added to this service such as visitations, receptions and identifications.

Arrangement Process

Additional Considerations for a Burial


Being able to see a loved one before final disposition can be helpful for a sense of closure. This is not a funeral service, but an opportunity to either identify the your loved one or briefly say goodbye one last time.


If you don't already own a cemetery plot, you will need to purchase one. Purchasing a cemetery plot is in essence, purchasing a piece of land. Typically, you will need to go directly to the cemetery of your choice to make this purchase. However we can assist you with selecting a cemetery and will make all necessary arrangements for you to meet with a cemetery represenative.  Baisc Funerals will work directly with the cemetery of your choice to facilitate all burial services and once you have seleceted a cemetery we will take care of everything for you. 


An outer container is a protective shell or vault that the casket is placed into before it is buried and may be a requirement of the cemetery you choose. Though it is true that this container offers protection to the casket its main purpose is to prevent the grave from collapsing. A casket cannot hold the weight of the earth after the grave has been filled causing the grave to settle causing a depression in the ground above. Smaller cemeteries that do not require full-time staff will usually require an outer container due to the maintenance involved in the collapse of a grave due to settling.  This is why a vault is required more often than not.  Vault prices vary and Basic Funerals will order thic outer container for you and make you aware of all your choices beforehand. 


A monument will also be an option at a cemetery and these can be very simple to extremely elaborate. If you would like a monument check with your cemetery represenative for more details on the specifics of what they allow.

Green Burials

Green burials are becoming more popular.  A green burial is a method of completely returning a body to the earth in an environmentally friendly way.  What this means is that the deceased is not embalmed and is placed in a biodegradable container. In addition, there are not usually tombstones or markers, but instead trees or shrubs are planted on top of the grave to create a more natural marker.  Many cemeteries are now catering to green burials and Basic Funerals has relationships with many of these to provide cost effective green burial options to our families.  

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Keywords: Cremation Choices, Funerals And Cremation

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Basic Funerals - Basic Cremation

The Eastern Orthodox ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople stated in 1961 that "There is no formal Orthodox rule against cremation, but there is a heavy weight of custom and sentiment in favour of Christian burial". The costs involved with the burial of a casket are fees for the purchase and perpetual care of a grave plot, the opening and closing fees of the plot, a grave-liner and a grave-marker.


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After the passing of a loved one, trying to understand and complete all of the necessary forms and documents required to settle the estate can be a very difficult experience. Families will receive a customized package with a cover letter taking them through the signing process of all the enclosed documents step-by-step.


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Basic funerals can look after everything for you so that you don’t have to attend the burial or we can arrange for a more elaborate graveside service with a funeral celebrant. Traditionally a graveside service follows the formal funeral service and visitation but nowadays families are holding graveside services as the only part of the funeral.