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Disney merchandising began in 1929 when Walt Disney was approached by a businessman interested in placing Mickey Mouse on the cover of a children’s writing tablet. The Consumer Products segment now extends the Disney brand to merchandise ranging from apparel, toys, home decor and books to interactive games, foods and beverages, electronics and fine art.

Telefónica O2 UK Limited is a leading communications company for consumers and businesses in the UK, with 21.4 million mobile customers and over 600,000 fixed broadband customers as at 31 March 2010. Telefónica O2 UK Limited is part of Telefónica Europe plc, a business division of Telefónica S.A. which uses O2 as its commercial brand in the UK, Ireland, Slovakia, Germany and the Czech Republic, and has over 53.9 million customers across these markets.

Headquartered in New York City with an international office in London, 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: KDE), is a global provider of children’s entertainment and merchandise licensing. The company acquires, develops and markets children’s properties globally and seeks to maximize economic returns through a vertically integrated platform, including television, film, music and home video production and distribution; merchandise licensing; media buying and planning; product development; and Website development.

TC Digital combines the current and emerging technology of the wireless and online worlds with traditional gaming models to create truly unique properties. By leveraging strategic marketing, distribution expertise, and an in-house design and application team, TC Digital brings products to market that redefine existing categories. TC Digital is a wholly owned subsidiary of 4kids Entertainment, a publicly traded, global provider of children’s entertainment and merchandise.

Cupcakes is a Vancouver-based bakery specializing in cakes and cupcakes. Whether it’s just for a snack or a wedding, Cupcakes can provide gorgeous cakes and delectable cupcakes for any party or event.

Zula USA, LLC produces a package of entertaining, educational products that are designed to provide early science education and reading literacy for children in preschool through second grade. Zula’s comprehensive program addresses the national call for science literacy education among the very audience for whom research demonstrates that early intervention is most effective. By reaching pre-kindergarten and early elementary students, Zula provides a critical foundation in understanding science concepts. The television program and its supporting materials provide science education and character-building lessons in an entertaining format that encourages whole family participation. The entire Zula package promotes science literacy, and provides a diverse approach to learning styles. The expert team of educators, writers, scientists, and media specialists ensures that Zula delivers a dynamic, focused, fun learning experience for children whose natural interest is in learning about the world around them.

TMTI is a business which works with Brands in reducing Consumer Returns and enhancing the Customer Experience. Working within the Consumer Electronics business the company not only runs a Technical Support call centre, but also specializes in the design and build of Web Based Self Learning Manuals, or Product Simulators or Interactive Guides.

BashBang works with TMTI as a subcontractor helping with some of their overflow work developing Flash-based interfaces.

SD Entertainment is a Los Angeles based animation production company run by multi-talented creatives Paul Sabella and Jonathan Dern, one of the most respected teams in the animation community. Since its inception in the late 90′s, SD has become one of the most respected companies in animation today, with a reputation for being on time, on budget and easy to work with. On the cutting edge in terms of technology and animation, recently SD has produced a wide range of projects in 2D, 3D, 4D and stereoscopic 3D with such top brands as My Little Pony, Candyland, Care Bears, Tonka Truck, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder, to name a few.

Tactical Actions Group Inc (TAG) is an extras talent agency providing background performers to the film and television industry in Vancouver.

Representing both union and non-union performers, our extras work in a wide variety of on-set roles encompassing not only general background but includes photo doubling, stand-in and numerous special skills roles. Although TAG extras are paid by industry standards, we offer a competitive commission structure to our union performers.

In addition, and unique to TAG, is our ability to offer specialized training and technical advice involving firearms and tactical maneuvers for both performers and productions. This affords performers to have access to higher paying roles and for productions to achieve a greater depth of authenticity. was developed by a team of moms who know just how frustrating it can be to search online, bouncing from site to site, looking for that perfect toy or gift. The Big Toy Book® makes online toy shopping quicker, easier, and of course more fun for moms, dads, grandparents and all gift givers. is the only toy shopping destination that gives consumers a choice and a voice — the knowledge and power to decide where they make their toy purchases, and the ability to provide feedback and share their experiences with other consumers.

Toonbarn is a fun and playful website that talks about every kids favorite things – cartoons! They have a message board where you can talk about a whole bunch of cartoons, from Avatar to Pokemon, Teen Titans to Spongebob Squarepants and many more. They also have a cool avatar engine that allows users to custom make their own superheroes. And let’s not forget games. They have lots of fun and interesting games to play, with a special Toonbarn flavor. Fun is what this site is all about.

Living Light Kids and Patches the Bear are dedicated to advocating for children, guiding them to find their voice. With the help of Patches and the eight expressive emotion face symbols, children can learn to name, understand and appropriately express the emotions he/she is feeling. All children including those in healthy or poor health, neglected – both emotionally and physically, sexually abused, traumatized by catastrophic events or bereavement, disabled and or learning disabled children, and those having to cope with deployment need to communicate and express their feelings. During childhood, children begin to develop communication skills, and it is imperative that the adults in a child’s life encourage healthy communication. This enables children to learn, form relationships, build their sense of worth, develop coping skills and express their feelings, all of which empower them to endure challenges, through life’s journey of happy times and painful moments.

Once Upon a Huckleberry Bush is dedicated to the belief that reading is the road to understanding and one that anyone can afford to travel. Great stories create common ground, whether the reader is seven or seventy-five. Their books are chosen to delight, inspire, challenge and share.

Haydenburri Lane is a creative media company that specializes in solution-oriented entertainment that focuses on the daily activities of children. Launched in 2002 with the Bedtime Safari products, the company has expanded its offering and vision to position itself as the childhood routine company. As part of that growth, in 2008 we launched the Rascals & Routines brand to establish Haydenburri Lane as “The Healthy Habits Place.”

Imbee is a kids-based community, or social networking site. Like You Tube or Facebook, Imbee allows children to interact with each other, and allows customization of their online profiles. Imbee has very strict approval procedures, requiring parental approval in order for children to access the site’s content.

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Bash Bang Productions Inc. » Clients

If fine wine is important to you, whether for investment or for enjoyment, the storage environment you use will be important to you. Vancouver Wine Vault is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in the proper storage of clients’ wine.


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Patches is not only a very cute and cuddly stuffed bear he’s also a tool that parents and child workers can use to help communicate with children. We also added our moderation tools to phpMotion to allow O2 staff to preview content before it was released to the site users. We moved from a full Flash site over to a WordPress driven site (we’re fans of WordPress for our client sites too).


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BashBang used the latest version of vBulletin as a base then created several plugins to extend the functionality to address the clients special needs. The Portal to Perim section gives detailed descriptions of each of the cards used in the Chaotic card and online game. They wanted an immersive environment where kids could explore the fantasy world of a children’s store.


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When logging on to our internal network here at the office it can be quite handy to have our local machines remember our network passwords so we don’t have to enter them in day by day. Generally our clients don’t get access to their sites via SFTP since we do the site updates and we’re just not set up to let clients start FTPing on our servers.