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By: Bashbang Productions  09-12-2011

Bash Bang Productions Inc. » Clients

Vancouver Wine Vault is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in the proper storage of clients’ wine. If fine wine is important to you, whether for investment or for enjoyment, the storage environment you use will be important to you. No matter how amazing the wine is, or how great its potential for success, if it is not stored correctly it will never realize its full potential. You can relax with Vancouver Wine Vault’s complete wine storage and management service.

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Patches is not only a very cute and cuddly stuffed bear he’s also a tool that parents and child workers can use to help communicate with children. We also added our moderation tools to phpMotion to allow O2 staff to preview content before it was released to the site users. We moved from a full Flash site over to a WordPress driven site (we’re fans of WordPress for our client sites too).


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The expert team of educators, writers, scientists, and media specialists ensures that Zula delivers a dynamic, focused, fun learning experience for children whose natural interest is in learning about the world around them. Representing both union and non-union performers, our extras work in a wide variety of on-set roles encompassing not only general background but includes photo doubling, stand-in and numerous special skills roles.


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BashBang used the latest version of vBulletin as a base then created several plugins to extend the functionality to address the clients special needs. The Portal to Perim section gives detailed descriptions of each of the cards used in the Chaotic card and online game. They wanted an immersive environment where kids could explore the fantasy world of a children’s store.


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When logging on to our internal network here at the office it can be quite handy to have our local machines remember our network passwords so we don’t have to enter them in day by day. Generally our clients don’t get access to their sites via SFTP since we do the site updates and we’re just not set up to let clients start FTPing on our servers.