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By: Barons Meat  09-12-2011
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The Baron's Philosophy and Premier Products

Baron's Meat & Poultry is dedicated to providing meat that is the highest quality, best flavor, adheres to the strictest levels of safety, and has been raised humanely with little impact to the environment.

To the USDA, natural meat is meat that has not added hormones and has been minimally produced. Yet the label "all-natural" is becoming more common in the meat industry, often as a marketing tool. To Baron's Meat & Poultry all-natural means:

  • No Hormones
  • No Antibiotics
  • Human-grade vegetarian feed (no meat byproducts, feathers, textile scraps, or any other additives humans would not eat themselves.)
  • Humanely treated
  • Pasture-raised when possible with minimal impact to the land.
  • Fed an organic diet when possible


Mary's Chicken uses the highest caliber technology to process poultry. Rather than soak freshly slaughtered chickens in a cold-water bath, which can contaminate chickens and add up to 14% water weight to the muscle and then employ a blast cooler to efficiently and safely bring each carcass to hygienic temperature. As a result, not only are the chickens more flavorful, but also the meat is safer.

One of our beef vendors, Creekstone Farms, is so committed to fighting Mad Cow Disease that they have generated a protocol wherein every one of their carcasses will be tested for the disease before distribution. Because of the Creekstone and Niman Ranch dedication to tracking their cattle from birth and to feeding an all-vegetarian diet, Baron's Meat & Poultry is confident in the safety of their beef products.


David is a trained chef and will not put meat into the case which does not meet his high standards for flavor, consistency, and quality. Not only must the meat taste good, each shipment must be as good as the last.

Baron's Premier Products

We personally hand-select all of the products that we sell and work with our vendors to ensure the products are: all-natural, free-range, humanely-raised, locally produced, and, when possible, organically-raised. None of our vendors add hormones or antibiotics.



Niman Ranch partners with Willis Farms in Iowa to raise non-confinement, all-natural pork. Niman Ranch is dedicated to ensuring that meat production does not impact the environment, so "factory farms" are not allowed in its protocols. Pigs are pastured and eat human quality feeds. The pork Baron's Meat & Poultry provides is sweet, juicy, and flavorful.



Additional Premier Products

  • Duck, Quail, and Goose Breast
  • Whole Rabbit from Cloverdale Farms
  • Niman Ranch Hams, Bacon, and Hot Dogs ("Fearless Franks" All Beef) in either regular or nitrate-free.
  • Niman Ranch Lamb
  • Durham Ranch Buffalo
  • Neuske's Slab Bacon - Hand cut to your specifications. This bacon is hard smoked with a strong cure.
  • Neuske's Canadian Bacon - Truly great. Neuske's products are commercially available and represent perhaps 5% of our product line, which is not all natural. We carry their products because they are just that good.

Keywords: Chickens, Meat, Poultry