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By: Barit  09-12-2011
Keywords: Engineering Services, Cutting Tools, Cutters

Barit International Corp. offers full design and engineering services for all types of gear cutting tools including: hobs, shaper cutters, broaches, shaving cutters, milling cutters, spiral and straight bevel generating cutters and rack type cutters.

Working closely with our customers, our engineers suggest optimal tool designs using CAD, specialized software and expertise gained in over 80 years of tool manufacturing gear cutting tools for cutting spur or helical gears, internal or external involute or parallel splines, herringbone, serrations, assymetrical profiles, timing belts, sprockets, ratchets, roller chain or silent chain pulleys or special profiles.

Our engineers recommend specific tool characteristics, materials, coatings and cutting parameters based on your application.

In cases where no information is available about special gear cutting tools, we offer full reverse engineering services.

At Barit, your technical questions are always welcome.

Keywords: Cutters, Cutting Tools, Engineering Services, Gear Cutting, Gear Cutting Tools, Roller Chain