Bar Code RFID Solutions

By: Barcode Scanner Equipment  09-12-2011
Keywords: data collection, Asset Tracking, Warehouse Management Systems

Need to upgrade
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We provided complete Data Collection Solutions and support for EPC Global Compliance, Department of Defense - DOD mandates, Asset Tracking, Inventory Control, Warehouse Management Systems, Tool Crib Software and more.

RFID Solutions

When you hear the term radio frequency identification (RFID), what do you think? If you said Wireless Communication or EPC Global Compliance, you’re not alone. Although both of these technologies use some form of RFID, they are just two of the many that RFID can be used in. We are a complete solution provider of data collection hardware and software, has been working with RFID for several years installing the technology in non-traditional applications including:

Warehouse Management System
Route Accounting
Shop Floor Management
Time & Attendance

Asset Tracking

Tote/Pallet Tracking

Fixed Asset Tracking

Document Tracking

Custom Software Solutions

Custom Inventory Replenishment System

Custom Mobile Medical Materials Manager

Custom Utilities Field Maintenance

Factory Floor Inspection System

Building Inspector Information System

Site Survey

Whether you are looking for a Wireless site survey (WiFi) for your barcode system or an RFID site survey for your RFID Solution, Our site survey provides written measurements and analysis of a site by a Certified Wireless System Engineer, trained in network design, to determine an optimal number, placement, and configuration of equipment required to ensure 100% radio frequency (RF/RFID) coverage in designated areas of your facility. Our WiFi Site Survey, Bar Code Site Survey, RFID Site Survey all result in detailed specifications required for network layout. These specifications will vary depending on your method of data collection including Bar Code, WiFi, or RFID Integration.

Hardware Installation

We are a complete data collection solutions provider representing over 40 brands of Bar Code scanners and printers, radio frequency identification (RFID) terminals and tags, wireless data collection systems, and mobile data collection applications. Our training and expertise with multiple brands allows us to configure and install the best system to meet your price and performance objectives. If you are in the market to install a wireless LAN, our Installation Plus™ Service covers the physical installation of the wired backbone, power requirements and Access Points in a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). This includes the installation and termination of the specified cabling requirements (Cat5, Fiber, etc.). It also includes the configuration of all Access Points and RF terminals.

Equipment Maintenance Contracts

We knows that you rely on your data collection equipment for accurate information daily, because data collection equipment is such a vital part of your business, and you require fast and thorough repairs for your equipment to minimize your system down time.

We understands your needs and offers a variety of Maintenance Arrangements and Maintenance Contracts including:
Depot Maintenance Program
Flat Rate Repair Program
Time & Material (T&M) Program

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