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By: Barb Apple  09-12-2011
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Barb Apple’s Horse Play is More Than Natural Horsemanship

"Invest in Your DREAM..Live Your PASSION!"

Do you remember why horses became part of your life and helped define who you are? Do you truly understand why your horse acts and reacts the way he does? Regain that passion for your dedication to your horses …learn how to experience horsemanship like you never have before with Barb Apple’s horse clinics that focus on natural horsemanship, Sally Swift Centered Riding® methods and much more, to help you gain that freedom of a true partnership with your horse.

More than a Horse Trainer – She’s a Master Horseman and Sally Swift Centered Riding® Instructor

Barb is More than a horse trainer - she's a master horseman and instructor. Barb Apple is a master at communication, a master of understanding the horse, and most importantly, a master at teaching others how to fully experience their horse!

You CAN learn the tools you need for natural balanced riding, leadership, fun and safety whether you are a first time horse owner or a life long equestrian, from an expert horseman, in a supportive atmosphere.

Do you and your horse struggle with common horse related problems such as:

  • Safety
  • Confidence
  • Understanding what your horse’s behavior means and knowing what to do and how to do it successfully
  • Riding with Confidence, Balance and Lightness
  • Trailer loading and other Scary things for you and your Horse

From Problem Horses to Riding Bareback and Bridleless!

Barb provides the tools to help you overcome any road block so you can live your passion and be most effective in furthering your riding skills and in training your horse!

Barb Apple will take the time you and your horse need to help you really understand where you are and how to get where you want to go. Whether you have a problem horse that does not respect your space, trailer loading issues, lack of confidence in your riding, balance, and lightness, or just want to start living your passion to the fullest, doing the things you’ve always dreamed about with your horse, we have a place for you in Horse Play’s clinics all over the country, and private lessons are always available!

Experience with Many Top Horse Trainers and Clinicians

“I wish there were adequate words to express my true gratitude to all of my mentors for opening the doors that have allowed me to make a difference in the lives of so many." - Barb

  • Pat and Linda Parelli Natural Horsemanship

  • Jack Brainard’s Cowboy Dressage

  • Sally Swift's Centered Riding for balance

  • Tom Nagel’s Psoas Method for fluid movement

  • Tom Dorrance’s Horse Psychology

  • Mike Bridge’s Cattle Psychology

  • Various people who made a difference throughout her decades of personal experience from Western Colt Starts & Cattle Ranches to English Dressage Basics

This broad foundation of knowledge as a horseman brings a unique holistic approach that results in Barb’s ability to take folks from groundwork basics clear thru riding your horse with balance and finesse.

Master of the Natural Horsemanship concepts
Teaching horsemanship is a natural gift for Barb Apple and is her life’s passion.

Barb knows we all learn differently due to personality and innate characteristics. Horses are not the same, one approach does not suit all people or horses.  Barb Apple Horse Play Clinics are purposefully kept small to allow for more personal one-on-one time with each horse and rider.  Barb Apple is intuitive about blending energy, relationship, behavior, and balance to create a formula for success for both horse & rider. If you would like to improve your horsemanship and your horse relationship, working with Barb, a proven instructor who’s methods are based upon consideration of both the horse and rider, is your next best step!



Keywords: Horse, Horse Trainers, Horsemanship, Parelli Natural Horsemanship