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By: Bankruptcy Kitchener  09-12-2011
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When someone files for

the amount they must pay into the

is calculated based on their take home income (after taxes and payroll deductions) less certain expenses such as child care, child and spousal support and medical expense. As everyone’s situation and income is different, the amount they would be required to pay into a

can be very different. The government refers to this term as “Surplus Income”. The general concept is to be, the more someone makes, the more they have to pay into

. These funds are used then to pay the creditors part of the debt back.

Family of 1 – $1,926
Family of 2 – $2,398
Family of 3 – $2,948
Family of 4 – $3,579
Family of 5 – $4,059
Family of 6 – $4,578
Family of 7 or more – $5,097

Let’s discuss a couple examples:

Case 1 – A single person making $2,500/month of take home pay on average. He pays $200 in child support. Therefore, net income for bankruptcy purposes is $2,300 ($2,500-$200). He is over the threshold limit by $374 ($2,300-$1926). He must pay surplus of $187/month for 21 months.

Case 2 – A married couple with 3 children. Their combined monthly take home income is $4,755/month which is a combination of employment income, child tax benefits and child support. They pay $300 in child care expenses. The net income for bankruptcy is $4,455 ($4,755-$300) and they are over the government limit by $396 ($4,455-$4,059) and 50% is payable into the bankruptcy for a total of $198/month.

Posted on March 15th 2011

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Keywords: bankruptcy, Child Support

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