Glutathione GSH - Glutathione Supplement

By: Balance Your Life  09-12-2011

We here at the wellness center provide 3 primary life-changing anti aging products: the MaxGXL glutathione GSH natural booster, the clinically tested healthy weight loss MaxWLX product with immediate results and last but not least, the cutting-edge nutritional (diet) Max N-Fuze with the revolutionarily nanofusion technology. 

So what is it that makes these different than any other shake, pill or supplement on the market? The answer is that unlike some of the popular placebo cocktails on the market manufactured by ‘leading and recognized health centers’, Max International is a real, respected clinical health center with countless global extensions including trained employees, affiliates, branches and more. Max International guarantees real results in a real, existing time frame. The products available in our store, including our natural glutathione supplements and boosters are all proven effective. Where others fail, the MaxGXL glutathione supplement, the MaxWLX proven weight-lose product and the Max N-Fuze nutrient and cell functions promoter will always be efficient.

     *GSH levels decrease by %8-12 every decade beginning at the age of 20, so do the health and correct function of the human body. Buying supplements containing GSH is pointless as it simply    breaks down in the bloodstream. But MaxGXL rejuvenates the cells and encourages the body (successfully) to increase its natural GSH production by up to %29 as indicated in both laboratory and field experiments.

     *The MaxWLX weight-loss developed at the University of Minnesota after 7 years of continuous research, development and after constant testing against placebos and other supplements, MaxWLX was ranked as the leading, single most successful product of its kind.

Max N-Fuze is a patented revolutionary nutrient designed to promote and enhance the production of natural antioxidants, SOD and CAT. This in turn means that Max N-Fuze provides all the ingredients and minerals found in food without the fat and without any known downside whatsoever. This enhances both inter-cellular communication and cellular defense.