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Back Pain Stopped » Neck Pain

October 13th, 2010 by Guest Author

One of the most annoying things that patients complain of is stiff neck pain, more so if it recurs often within short span of time. Many patients come to New Century Spine Centers in San Diego to get rid of their neck pain. It is very important that you get permanent relief from this pain rather than ignoring it and taking self medication.

To get rid of neck pain forever, it is important to get to the cause of the problem and not just mask the symptoms. People most often resort to expensive medication or surgical procedures which do nothing much than burning a hole in your pocket.

The solution to the most chronic problem many times lies in the simplest of things. Instead of running to the doctor at the first instance of stiff painful neck, there are many things you can do on your own at home to ensure you get rid of this pain.

Ensure you give sufficient support to your neck and back at all times to keep stiff neck pain at bay. Ensure you maintain right posture while sleeping and sitting. Most often it is the incorrect posture that is the root cause of stiff neck pain. A sedentary lifestyle can also give rise to aches and pains in the neck and upper back region of the body. Make sure you exercise regularly for at least thirty minutes each day to prevent any problem related to the neck.

Now that you know what the pain may have been caused by, it would be useful to know the different things that you can do once you have developed stiff neck pain. In fact, the first thing that you should be doing is to take a break from your daily grind or anything that might be worsening the pain. You should be opting for exercises and simple chiropractic care by qualified chiropractors in San Diego that can help relieve the tension in the area. Paying attention to your body when it is crying for help is an extremely wise thing to do, and even mandatory, unless you want to be in an extremely bad shape in the future.

October 1st, 2010 by Guest Author

The damage to the human body just like the actual car crash often occurs without warning. Oftentimes the car accident will result in little to no problems while in other circumstances the damage can be more significant. Considering all of the possible outcomes after a car accident; whiplash is one of the most common and debilitating of the musculo-skeletal traumas. Despite the amount of force is displaced when the cars crash getting this type of neck injury is usually the primary problem the rider of the car gets.

When the neck moves back and forth in a rapid fashion relative to the body whiplash injury can occur. To be more specific; the care impact causes the neck and head to pass beyond their normal range of motion. This stretching and tearing is past their typical range of motion. This stretching is what causes much of the pain.

After Dr. Marcum’s explanation regarding the far reaching effects of car crashes it became clear that the effects on the spine are mind boggling. People can have chronic headaches, discomfort in the region above the shoulders at the base of the neck. In more severe circumstances there are also those who encounter tingling and trouble with sensation to their upper extremities. Other types of problems include trouble with sight, sound, and inability to get things done at work or school These are just a few of the problems that whiplash can cause.

It is very common for individuals to feel the start of neck pain after an accident. The cause of this is rapid deceleration and change of direction. A simple and effective method of decreasing this type of motion of the neck is the commonly misused head rest. This safety feature decreases the overall stretching of the muscles that occur during the crash.

The best advice after experiencing whiplash is to see a physician or a chiropractor. However, there are several simple things you can do at home to help with your symptoms. ice application to the involved areas as well as some over the counter anti inflammatory medication may be of use. The injured areas will need to be rested. There are some hidden injuries which can occur that may not be visible to you which is why most people recommend a visit to a professional is in order as opposed to dealing with the problems yourself.

As usual, whenever there is a matter of concern regarding your body the proper action to take is asking a professional such as a chiropractor or physician. The long term consequences of whiplash are too significant to ignore regardless of how minor they appear initially.

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