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Back Pain Stopped » Chiropractic Care

October 13th, 2010 by Guest Author

Our carpal tunnel is actually an important passageway through the wrist. The nerves and muscles from your hands and fingers go through the tunnel and up to the arm. Unfortunately, there are times when this fundamental median nerve which transmits feeling and motion to the fingers and hands gets pressed or squeezed. This pressure may happen due to prolonged pressure from repetitive actions like keyboard typing, chopping, pushing, or hammering. When the nerve function gets damaged by this pressure, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) occurs.

What causes CTS? Many people believe too many hours spend a keyboard can cause CTS. However, a study at Mayo Clinic found this is not the case. In fact, any number of factors can cause the condition including carpal tunnels that are naturally narrow, injuries, arthritis, retention of fluid during pregnancy, Diabetes, thyroid conditions, obesity, regular use of vibrating hand tools, and inadequate work ergonomics. Additionally, women are three times more likely to have the condition than men. It is rare in children.

The symptoms of CTS are numbness, burning, itching or tingling in your hand or fingers. In severe cases, carpal tunnel syndrome can make it difficult to grasp objects or to feel hot or cold. If you are having these symptoms, you should confer with a chiropractor as soon as possible. The earlier CTS is treated, the easier and quicker the recovery.

Your chiropractor can diagnose and treat CTS. There are many ways to treat CTS depending on the severity and other considerations. In many cases, chiropractic rehabilitation on the affected wrist area was very effective. Your Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) may prescribe resting the hand and wrist for a period of time, applying a splint to immobilize the wrist, stretching or strengthening exercises, and icing the wrist or joint manipulation.

Most DCs, especially experts from Chiropractic Colorado Springs, utilize a manipulation method called Active Release Technique (ART) to treat carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries to soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves) damaged by repetitive activity. ART is a conventional treatment used by many professional athletes, including Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods and Carl Lewis, to treat various soft-tissue conditions.

With ART, your chiropractor will examine the soft tissue on the concerned area to locate adhesions or scar tissue that combines with other tissues, which then causes pain. Next, your chiropractor will apply pressure to specific areas while telling you to move your wrist as directed. This will help restore the length, flexibility, and natural texture to the swollen tissue. Oftentimes, patients immediately feel instant relief after undergoing this treatment procedure. Lance Armstrong, a CTS patient, once said, “The most important man on the team may have been the chiropractor. I could not have won without my chiropractors help.”

Many doctors might immediately prescribe medication regimen plus injection of corticosteroids to briefly relieve the pain and swelling. Typically, these do not treat the cause of the condition and symptoms will eventually reoccur. If these are not effective, the doctor might recommend you for surgery if your CTS is already unmanageable. Regrettably, surgery can cause scarring and weakening of the transverse ligament. The scars may cause irritation on the median nerve and the symptoms will just reoccur. Therefore, surgery should only be opted only if other conservative alternative treatment methods fail to treat the condition.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is presently becoming one of the world’s most widespread occupational hazards. It is a painful and debilitating condition which affects more women than men. Prompt treatment can result to a faster and easier recovery. Chiropractic care is a proven effective alternative method in treating this condition. In addition to treatment, the patient should also avoid stressful situations and change some work habits to allow total recovery. After all, our bodies each have our own innate healing ability.

October 5th, 2010 by Guest Author

There are numerous people who are experiencing chronic pain. Presently, there are many choices on how you can manage and cure the pain. Some prefer to have nutritious diet and proper exercise to develop their body strength while others religiously control pain with pills and medications. There are a few who are willing to undergo surgery, believing that it is the only definitive way to resolve pain. However, it is not an assurance that the problem will be corrected. The only definite thing is that the pain is existent and you need to do something to resolve it. But before you opt to manage chronic pain with those methods mentioned, ponder first. Is there a natural method to manage this pain?

Therapeutic drugs often yield unwanted side effects with the possibility to develop drug dependence. These drugs can also cause kidney or liver damage when taken frequently. While these drugs can treat the symptoms, they do not treat the actual problem.

A natural health care that can provide relief of pain is chiropractic. For more than 100 years, it had established itself as a health care provider. Presently, chiropractors such as experts from Chiropractic Colorado Springs are Board Certified and are properly trained to practice in the field of health care. They are known to provide resolution and treatment to various types of pain.

Doctors of chiropractic theorize that our bodies have an innate capability to cure and control its own functions. When subluxations (also known as misalignments) are present in the spinal column, there would be disruptions in the nervous system. Chiropractic rehabilitation can realign these subluxations using manipulation techniques. These techniques had already been perfected throughout years of practice to treat different medical concerns and pain. Innovations in chiropractic care have developed spinal manipulation techniques which made them more soothing and helpful than ever before. It also includes various drug-free managements such as counseling sessions and exercise that works synergistically with therapy sessions to restore health and treat pain plus prevent its reoccurrence.

More importantly, chiropractic can help you determine the cause of your chronic pain. The chiropractors can teach you easy-to-do corrective exercises that can neutralize these problems and prevent further pain. They also offer nutritional advice and lifestyle modifications that can facilitate your body’s healing ability. After a few therapy sessions, there would be noticeable decline in pain experience and you will feel relaxed. There are chiropractic offices, such as Chiropractic Colorado Springs, that offer additional methods to manage pain.

Intrusive surgical interventions are painful, utilize medications and anesthesia with a probability for dependence, and the recovery period is long. A natural therapy option for chronic pain is chiropractic care. The symptoms will start to get relieved once chiropractic care is initiated. More importantly, it is a drug-free management for various health concerns and treats the root cause of the pain.

Increasing evidence shows that chiropractic therapy is useful for persons who are suffering from chronic pain. It reduces the pain and improves the functions of the spine. A clinical study published in July 2003 issue of SPINE compared Bextra/Celebrax/Cox-2 inhibitors and chiropractic rehabilitation for the treatment of chronic pain. It was shown how chiropractic therapy was apparently 5 times more effective than those mentioned medications in treating chronic pain. On the other hand, the medications provided unfavorable side effects, unwanted reactions, and caused further pain. Continuing research is being made to highlight the effectiveness of chiropractic care. It’s just heartbreaking that there are still many people who are not aware of this natural treatment for pain and many other health concerns. They should get to know this side-effects free, drug-free, and efficient pain treatment – the chiropractic way.

So before you decide to take another over-the-counter management for pain, search for the benefits of chiropractic care. Chiropractors, like those from Chiropractic Colorado Springs, will work alongside you to identify the source of your pain and provide pain resolution as well as long term pain management to alleviate and prevent further pain experiences. Seek out chiropractic care and start improving your general health status and quality of life.

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