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Back Pain Stopped » Back Pain Treatment

August 15th, 2010 by Guest Author

When you made your decision to visit a chiropractor, you had already decided to try something newsomething alternative to the medical care you have experienced so far.Perhaps the fact that you would be treated as a whole person rather than just as a problem area appealed to you, or maybe it is just the notion that for so long you’ve relied on conventional medical methodology that in the long run does not appear to have really helped you. Your first chiropractic visitis bound to be a bit different from what you had expected and also from that to which you were accustomed. You most likely were asked a battery of questions that managed your medical condition, medical history as well as treatment history, family medical history, and also the kind of work environment you’re experiencing every day as well as the types of hobbies you like to engage in.

After the questions came the examination which was focused once again on you as an entire person and not just on a certain part of your body; granted, the affected area about which you have complained will of course come under the closest scrutiny, but in general the rest of your body will also be examined to get a good picture of how one area might be affecting the rest of the body as well. At this point in time you’re ready for treatment. You have probably heard all the jokes about the bone cracking that allegedly goes on in a chiropractors office, and as such it is not surprisingthat many a patient is a bit apprehensive about this portion of the visit. Yet if you possess the facts, there’s nothing to be worried about

* Once your chiropractor is sure that they has a good idea of what the problem is and also how this problem may have been affecting other areas of your body, he or she will want to do some adjustments. This is the term commonly used to describe the types of manipulations of your spine specifically the vertebrae are indicated to help you. There is lots more to these spinal adjustments than simply cracking bones.Chiropractors take years to learn the finer aspects of vertebrae adjustments and once it is determined that this is a course of action needed in your case, your care professional will put these years of experience to good use.

* Another misconception rests on the fact that spinal manipulation is usually made by hand. As a matter of fact, there are lots of times when pressure is applied to the spine with a help of specially designed instruments. Thus, the combination of educated touch and also technical know how permits you to benefit doubly from your visit to this professional

Its surprising that does not more pain sufferers are discovering the sophisticated techniques used by today chiropractors, as well as thepersonalized care that can’t so very easily be found elsewhere.

August 9th, 2010 by Guest Author

To the active person, running is oftentimes considered to be a fun way to have some exercise. It isn’t surprising that many fit individuals swear by their daily runs not only as a kind of exercise but also a way of clearing the head and getting centered and ready for the day. Naturally, as with any exercise, running requires some planning, and for many who are under a chiropractor’s care, this particular type of exercise might require just a bit more planning than for those who are in fine health. Yet even the runner whose shadow has never darkened the door frame of a chiropractor’s office, there are a number of chiropractic tips that will help her or him to avoid the types of injuries that have long lasting effects.

Here are chiropractic methods for the runner – experienced or otherwise – on what to avoid:

* Wear running shoes and avoid wearing everyday tennis shoes or the kind of footwear that is manufactured for different kinds of athletic endeavors. Just like you would not dream of playing racquet ball with a tennis racket, you also should not go running in walking shoes. Chiropractors wish every runner would understand the impact that an improperly cradled foot has upon the leg bones and by extension on the spine, and thus they warn runners that appropriate footwear will make a huge difference in the overall experience along with your overall health.

* Chiropractors will warn you against wearing your running shoes until you should hold them together with duct tape. Instead, as the soles are wearing down replace them. Worn out shoes will no longer adequately cradle your foot and the run down soles can make it easier to step inappropriately.

* Move your arms as you run. Chiropractors are always amazed when they see beginning runners who do not move their arms in keeping with the movement of the opposite leg. While the runners may at times feel a little self conscious, the experienced runner knows that it’s this very motion that ensures the body’s proper transference of body weight.

* Don’t look down. While you are running you will want to scan the path ahead of you for any obstacles you will need to negotiate, but unless you are finding yourself in some rough terrain, there is absolutely no reason to be running with your face downcast. Instead, look straight ahead. Failure to do so will result in your neck’s curvature being strained and contributing to neck pain, back pain and a host of other ailments.

* Chiropractors are specifically vociferous about avoiding the little weights at ankles or wrists which are now becoming very popular. While this fad is not new, the number of injuries that chiropractors see as a result of runners buying in on the craze is staggering. If you need to exercise with weights, do so after your run or before, but not during. These weights alter your body weight and while your body is attempting to compensate for this addition, the damage to your spine can already be done.

As you can see, chiropractors have a lot to say about running, and it’s the wise runner who will heed their suggestions and avoid the pitfalls they point out.

Keywords: back pain, back pain treatment, Pain Treatment

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