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By: Back Lot Video  09-12-2011

07 Oct 2011

You’d think that, five movies in, the Fast franchise would lose steam.  Far from it.  This latest flick is the best one since the original.  Dependable, over the top popcorn flicks with fast cars and action sequences that defy physics, Fast Five will satisfy fans of the movies.  Throw in an epic, battle of the titans between Vin Diesel and The Rock and you’ve got the makings of a winner.

The other notable pick this week is “Submarine” a witty British coming of age film starring Sally Hawkins.  Clever writing and great performances by some lesser-known actors from the UK combine to make this great indie shine.  Don’t miss it.

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While watching the movie, one gets the sense that the characters are not built on standard archetypes, but on unique individuals that have unusual quirks and idiosyncracies which make them seem more real than the cookie-cutter characters populating slick crime movies.


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A kind of tragicomic series, Treme has all the regular trademarks that HBO fans expect, but raises the bar quite a bit in terms of deeply written characters. By coincidence, I happened to be in the middle of Ken Burns’ documentary “Jazz” when this came out, and was watching the two simultaneously. One thing worth mentioning is that for anyone who is a fan of deep south jazz and New Orleans culture will especially enjoy Treme.


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The interviews with business owners and customers make up a bittersweet testimony of the tremendous sense of community that accompanies any store that exists, against all odds, under the shadow of both corporate competition, or the growing number of options through which to purchase entertainment media. I Need That Record” was a fantastic little documentary about the death of the independent record store in an age of online piracy.