lil' kanga Stretchy Wrap

By: Baby Ware  09-12-2011

The lil' kanga Stretchy Wrap is the must-have baby carrier for newborns! Also great for Kangaroo Care, the Stretchy Wrap provides a perfect environment for baby: close and snug to baby's caregiver, allowing for constant warmth and comfort.

Using your Stretchy Wrap may be intimidating at first, but after a few tries you'll become a pro and fall in love with it, we promise!

Very comfortable; there are no straps, buckles, or rings to adjust and weight is distributed very evenly across the wearers' back and shoulders.

The lil' kanga Stretchy Wrap is made of five meters of a cotton/bamboo fabric blend and is manufactured in Canada.

*Please note that the lil' kanga Stretchy Wrap does not come with detailed instructions, but an internet search will provide you with many sites and videos of different ways to use your wrap!

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