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By: Baby Gift Emporium  09-12-2011

For example, you can base your decision based on the gender of the baby. If it's a boy, you only look at items for a boy baby. And if it's a girl, you only focus on baby girl items. Next, ask yourself the type of items you would like the baby to have. Do you want the gift to be unique and memorable? Or do you want the gift to be a useful and practical one? Some people prefer to give practical gifts because such gifts can really help the couple save money. Such items include baby clothes, baby powder, pampers and so on. These are essential items. Others prefer gifts with more sentimental value. Such gifts include personalized photo frames, hand crafted items, or photo albums.Then there are those who prefer to send fun items. These can be toys or books that will help with the baby's development. If you are buying toys, try to buy toys that are just right for the baby's age. Otherwise, they will just end up in the storeroom, collecting dust.Whatever gift you choose for the baby, always make your gift as presentable as possible. It's always nice for the recipient to receive a gift that is nicely wrapped in decorative paper. You may even choose to include several items, and pack them in a gift basket. Now is the time to activate your creative juices.Choosing a unique and is meant to be fun, not stressful. So keep it that way. Every part of the process should be fun. You should have fun choosing the items that you want to include in the baby gift. Ask some friends along to go on a leisurely shopping trip. That will make the experience more enjoyable.Usually, when you are enjoying yourself, you tend to get more creative. That is when ideas start flowing. You may even surprise yourself with the ideas that you can come up with. For a baby gift to be unique and memorable, you may have to think a little bit harder. Don't follow what everybody else is doing. One thing will often lead to another. You may be looking at some toys, and then you start thinking about the baby's lullabies. Then you start looking for musical boxes. Musical boxes are very pretty to look at, and when you see the flowers that line the boxes' lids, you start thinking about flowers. After buying several items, and packing them together nicely, you find that you have in your hands, one of the most .About the Author: