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Term Definition
Amp x h, a standard unit to measure a battery's total capacity. It represents how much constant current (A) can be provided in an hour before the battery becomes insufficient in providing power. For example, 10Ah capacity means the battery can provide a 10A current continuously for an hour. 
Internal resistance represents the internal chemical behaviors of a battery in the form of electrical circuitry. It is often measured to determine the life of a battery, indicating whether a battery can recharge further for use or not. 
Indicates the capacity of charge in a battery, which determines the amount of power a battery can provide before it is used up. 
Refers to the chemicals used for making a battery. Ideally, these are used for the type of batteries used in automobile. 
Abbreviation for lithium ion, is one of the most popular type of rechargeable batteries used today to provide longer lasting power than Ni-MH batteries for portable electronics such as cellular phones and laptop computers. 
Milli-amp x h, a common unit of measure to indicate a battery's total capacity. This is often used to indicate capacity of consumer type batteries of type Ni-MH or Li-Ion. 
Abbreviation for nickel metal hydride, is a popular type of rechargeable batteries often used for powering portable electronic devices. 
Sealed lead acid 

Keywords: Portable Electronics

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