ENG/Pro :: Shotgun :: SGM-3416

By: Azden  09-12-2011
Keywords: Frequency Response

The SGM-3416 and 3416L are broadcast-spec high quality shotgun microphones. Designed for video and audio professionals, the super-directional electret condenser microphones offer wide frequency response and low noise. Each microphone is tested before leaving the factory and comes with its own frequency response chart. External phantom power between 11 and 52 VDC is required to operate the microphones. The microphone barrel is die cast metal and provides superior performance over standard stamped aluminum. A custom carrying case, flocked foam windscreen and shock-mount microphone holder are included.

Technical Specs:

Frequency Response: 40-20,000Hz

Sensitivity: Super Cardioid -33dB Re: 1v/PA

Impedance: 1.2k Ohms at 1kHz

Max.Spl Input Level: 120dB

Signal To Noise Ratio: 78dB

Dynamic Range: 98dB

Power:Phantom 11-52VDC

Weight:SGM-3416 125g (4.4oz)

           SGM-3416L 160g (5.64oz)

Size:SGM-3416 19mm x 180mm (7”)

       SGM-3416L 19mm x 247mm (9.75”)

Supplied Accessories: Custom Carrying Case

Flocked Foam Windscreen, Shock Mount Holder

Keywords: Frequency Response

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