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By: Axcess International  09-12-2011

Across the globe and among many industries active RFID/RTLS technology has evolved far beyond the days of barcodes in retail. Lives are being saved, businesses are innovating at the speed of light, and automation of everything has become the defacto standard. RFID/RTLS technology and sensor networks are delivering critical data in multiple types of environments far beyond the enclosed, wired limitations of yesterday.

U.S. businesses absorb $40 billion per year in lost productivity and increased costs because crucial process and environmental data is not effectively captured and analyzed. Fortunately, that is changing. With the innovation of RFID/RTLS technology and wireless sensing capabilities, you can automatically relay real-time information that was previously unattainable and use it to improve efficiencies, maximize security, and minimize risk.

The demand for this technology is growing quickly and the market is responding with a variety of solutions. Throughout these pages you can read about real-world implementations where organizations are using automated solutions from Axcess to gain true visibility across their enterprises, ports of entry, data centers, supply chains, and so many more to grow their business in new ways.

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Axcess International Inc. Dual Active RFID and RTLS - products

Now imagine that technology protecting your laptop from theft, tracking asset location within your facility, giving your people hands-free access to the building, or monitoring the temperature of your fresh food deliveries as they travel across the country, keeping them fresh for delivery at the destination. Protection from asset thefts and data breachesĀ· Lowered operating costsĀ· Increased productivity.


Axcess International Inc. Dual Active RFID and RTLS - services

Axcess delivers a variety of services to help you design, deploy and support the systems you use for managing and protecting your assets and personnel. Our Design and Installation experts have worked within diverse environments and built a library of knowledge upon which to draw from. Our extensive experience coupled with our technical knowledge gives you a best-of-breed solution to meet your organizations goals.