AWS Truepower: Wind Solutions: Wind Energy Assessment

By: Aws Truewind  09-12-2011
Keywords: Energy Production, Energy Assessment, Wind Resource

Accurate energy assessments start with a rigorous analysis of the wind resource at a project site. AWS Truepower’s (AWST) comprehensive scope of services include a site visit, review of the meteorological program and data analysis, climate adjustment, extrapolation to hub height, and modeling of the spatial distribution. The final step in an AWST energy assessment employs the SiteWind® system, a state-of-the-art micrositing system that has been proven effective in even the most complex terrain. From there, the wind resource uncertainty is projected to ensure the most accurate energy estimate possible.

Once the resource has been fully analyzed, the proposed project’s gross and net energy production potential is estimated using calibrated methods that have been validated against operational data. To optimize the turbine layout and calculate energy capture, AWST employs software, a proprietary version of its leading-edge wind farm design software.

Thorough and field-proven, our energy production and uncertainty analysis services are trusted by developers and investors alike as true estimates of a project’s potential.

Keywords: Energy Assessment, Energy Production, Wind Resource

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