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By: Aviation Interview Prep Services  09-12-2011

Once you know which company you are targeting, or you have received the call to schedule the interview, call us immidiately to set up a consultation. We will have you submit your resume to us and then schedule an appointment.  An appointment is usually about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Since appointment slots can fill up fast, call us as soon as possible 203-904-3313.  We will then discuss the best format for helping you prepare to make the most of your interview.

  • 3 Modes of Interview Prep 

    We have three ways to make the appointment possible.  We are most excited about the  "web enabled interview".  We will work with you over the internet through a web cam which we will loan you.  We can then complete the interview prep using the Web cam out of your house or wherever convenient. You will save time and money, omitting the need for travel to meet with us personally.  We watch your reactions during an interview.  Our second mode is a "one on one" personal meeting.  We can meet you in person in or near LGA, EWR  or HPN. Our remaining technique is an interview prep conducted by phone.  For some this may prove to be the most convenient.        

  • Simulator Prep

    We provide simulator training conveniently located at White Plains Airport. The simulator prep is based on your expected type of interview. We can modify the simulator and the training according to your interview needs. We are also able to complete the interview prep and the simulator prep in the same day at White Plains.

  • Fees 

    Resume Review                                             $ 50

    Resume Creation                                            $ 95

    Simulator Prep                                                $275

    Simulator and Personal Prep                          $475

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