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By: Aviary Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: leadership, Productivity, conflict resolution






Networking can be an intimidating process in our sound-byte society, as first impressions are crucial. Rapport-building skills are complex, encompassing tone, manner, mood, body-language and more. The ability to accurately assess the wants and needs of others, partnered with an understanding of how we are perceived by others, is paramount in laying the foundation of any relationship, business or social.

In this workshop, discover the secrets of confident and charismatic communication and learn to eliminate barriers that can result in misunderstandings, frustration and – most importantly – lost opportunities. Learn focusing techniques that overcome or harness nervous energy, freeing you to establish rich interpersonal networks and handle your relationships with poise and confidence.

Sterling customer service means much more than a pleasant voice on the phone. In today’s complex market, understanding and anticipating customer desires often requires the skills of an expert problem-solver, communicator and mediator.

This interactive workshop shares ‘secrets from the trenches,’ offering a collection of wisdom from experienced customer service professionals. It also encourages participants to share their own success – or horror – stories to stimulate the production of creative, industry-specific service strategies that are responsive and client-focused. Gain tips for dealing with ‘challenging’ customers in a calm and professional manner, and learn service techniques that will make your organization shine and keep clients coming back again and again!

Communication provides the cornerstone to all relationships, building connections and smoothing conflicts. The global market has created an intercultural forum for interaction and negotiation, and the savvy investor spends time and effort honing this crucial skill.

This course introduces the principles and skills of effective and ethical communication, teaching non-defensive strategies. Emphasis is placed on understanding both how your communication behaviours affect others and how you are affected by the behaviours of others. Discover and learn to overcome common roadblocks. Assess and improve verbal and non-verbal effectiveness, as well as listening skills. Learn to initiate contact smoothly, defuse conflict, and become a confident and well-rounded communicator.

The intimidating negotiator who bullies and overwhelms is both outdated and unproductive. Today’s successful negotiator sits down at the table with a clearly-defined strategy and an ability to analyze interpersonal dynamics to reach a mutually-beneficial resolution. Solid negotiation skills are a core competency for today’s managers and supervisors. The ability to negotiate mutually-agreeable outcomes with staff, volunteers, clients, community partners and suppliers is critical – and will become even more so as the workplace landscape changes and new professional relationships or partnerships arise.

This seminar guides you through the essential principles of negotiation, offering effective planning options and communication strategies that will maximize results. Learn to craft an agenda that demonstrates a respect for the needs and perspectives of others while highlighting your own priorities. Meld proven techniques with your personal negotiation style, and practice your new skills through dynamic role-play in a safe environment. Shape up your strengths, shore up your weaknesses, and become a dynamic and effective player at any bargaining table.

Today’s workplaces enjoy multicultural markets and workforces. To succeed, organizations must value the differences of a diverse population and the individuality of all people, treating employees and customers alike with dignity and respect.

This workshop teaches participants to recognize and combat all forms of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination. Learn to communicate effectively with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. Discover strategies to understand, value and integrate diverse perspectives, keeping communication lines open and weaving the rich resource of multiculturalism into your organization’s future.


*may be customized to address employees’ specific issues

Workplace conflict spells stress, and – unresolved – it creates an unhealthy and dysfunctional environment. Production and quality of service can suffer, as tension infects entire organizations. As a manager or supervisor, it is your responsibility to know how and when to step in and mediate conflict.

This workshop addresses the primary causes of workplace conflict and identifies the different ways employees may respond. Learn to assess and minimize the potential for conflict in your own organization. Gain new insights in the mediation process, and enjoy the opportunity to practice conflict management tools in workshop before applying them to your own setting. Participants will depart with a long-term plan to build a healthy, harmonious workplace and the knowledge to handle any conflicts with confidence.

Uncontrolled emotions can be roadblocks to success. Failure to read warning signs results in unproductive emotional outbursts that can destabilize the unity of an entire organization. Understanding the power and source of emotion represents the first step in becoming a stable, emotionally-balanced professional.

This workshop offers productive methods to channel emotion rather than repressing it. Learn to recognize and mediate sources of unhealthy emotion in the workplace early, minimizing damage. Equip yourself with proven techniques for staying calm and objective in the event of emotional crisis, and hone the professional poise and equilibrium necessary to strong leadership.

Unresolved personality clashes add unnecessary stress to the regular challenge of our professional lives. Communication – paramount to productivity and workplace harmony – often breaks down without an ability to analyze and understand contrasting viewpoints.

This seminar identifies solutions for personality clashes and communication breakdowns, offering strategies for conciliation and cooperation. Learn to ‘read’ contrasting personalities – their goals, motivations and values – to smooth interactions and optimize relationships.
Handle the difficult people in your life with grace and diplomacy, and watch your productivity and peace of mind soar.

Workplace negativity undermines your organization’s success, whether through absenteeism, the loss of other good employees, or the departure of customers. Unchecked, negativity can infect an entire environment, diminishing productivity and creating unfulfilled, unmotivated employees.

Designed for professionals in a leadership role, this workshop unravels the basic principles of negativity. Gain insight into the individual ways emotions are experienced and how to best master your own emotions. Offering a seven-step warning and intervention model for overcoming and neutralizing the chronic ‘negator,’ this course challenges you to become an agent of change and role model of positive thinking.


Bill 168 amends the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and outlines definitions and procedures dealing with violence and harassment in the workplace and domestic violence in the workplace. This new legislation outlines specific requirements for employers concerning the development of workplace violence and harassment policies and programs, including the conduction of risk assessments and the provision of training to all employees. Many of these requirements may be completed by enhancing existing workplace health and safety policies and programs.

This series of workshops educates participants on new legislative definitions and procedures and helps streamline the compliance process. Gain awareness of new definitions of workplace violence and harassment incidents and their damaging effect on organizations and employees. The practical, hands-on solutions and resources will allow your managers and staff to incorporate Bill 168 requirements into your current policies, programs and procedures in a time- and cost-effective manner.

Human rights are a hot-button issue inside organizations, as violations spark –  at best – stressful and tense work environments and – at worst – legal, professional and financial consequences. Employees should be conscious of the specific natures of sexual, racial and workplace harassment and the rights to which they are entitled. Managers must know how to avoid harassment, staying up-to-date on legal requirements and business implications.

This workshop conditions participants to recognize the most prevalent forms of harassment and to respond professionally and effectively. Demystify legal implications and redress options. Clarify which behaviours constitute – or may be construed as – harassment, and educate employees and company leaders alike.


A healthy mind means a healthy person. Thoughts have power; they determine our feelings, actions and quality of life. The power of positive thinking has been demonstrated again and again, yet so many people fall prey to the demotivating forces of negativity.

Shifting your life in a positive new direction can be as simple as taking control of your beliefs. This workshop offers strategies to revitalize your outlook, revealing surprising new ways in which your internal thoughts can control your external experiences. Come discover the power of positive thinking and motivate yourself to be your best!

Bringing an organization through change can be a daunting enterprise, but – handled professionally – the rewards revitalization and redirection can be achieved with minimal stress.
Strong leaders, aware of the many effects of change on their workforce, shepherd their teams through change, minimizing stress and keeping morale and productivity high. Preparation and organization allow the smooth navigation of the often rocky road of transition, fostering a consistent and sustained evolution.

This workshop will equip you with a concise methodology for the human side of change and the knowledge needed to mobilize your organization. Uncover communication techniques to keep your workforce in sync and up-to-speed to avoid delays and frustrations. Learn key leadership strategies to support your staff and boost motivation through the uncertainty of change.

This workshop’s unique approach to time management provides strategies, techniques and tips for handling the urgent commitments in your professional and personal life without stretching yourself too thin. Analyze daily work habits and learn to combat procrastination and interruptions. Create and implement a personalized time-management plan that sets specific, realistic goals. Take control of your schedule to increase personal productivity and enhance your quality of life.

While a little stress might keep us alert and on our toes, too much stress ruins relationships, crashes careers and destroys health. Symptoms of stress range from mild anxiety to serious mental and physical illness. Stress detracts from workplace productivity and negatively impacts overall quality of life.

  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Speaking With Confidence
  • Leadership Skills for New Supervisors
  • Creating Dynamic Teams
  • Strategies for Dealing with Angry Clients
  • Defusing Crisis

Keywords: conflict resolution, leadership, Productivity

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