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By: Aviary Group  09-12-2011

Disorganized or discouraged? Short on energy? Not meeting your full potential?

Recent publications – including The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine and Newsweek – have encouraged professionals to team up with an executive coach. Coaches help individuals become better managers, better communicators and better mentors of their employees by realizing their inner potential and strengths.

The Aviary Group wants you to achieve your personal and professional goals and aspirations. Our coaching style melds your talents and resources with your desires to improve the quality of both your work and your personal life. We know that the secrets to your success are inside you, and our goal is to help unlock them. Our experienced coaches help identify and remove any roadblocks – from conflict to stress to lack of confidence – that may inhibit your growth. Learn to balance skills and limits, dreams and doubts, as you set out on the path to self-awareness and success.

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Mediation Services | Aviary Group

External mediation allows a neutral third party – trained in conflict resolution – to negotiate a fair settlement that meets the needs of all interested parties. Let Aviary Group restore harmony to your workplace and train your organization in conflict prevention.


Training / Workshops | Aviary Group

The ability to negotiate mutually-agreeable outcomes with staff, volunteers, clients, community partners and suppliers is critical – and will become even more so as the workplace landscape changes and new professional relationships or partnerships arise. Equip yourself with proven techniques for staying calm and objective in the event of emotional crisis, and hone the professional poise and equilibrium necessary to strong leadership.


Equity / Diversity | Aviary Group

Take advantage of our strong background in conflict resolution and mediation, and let us help settle existing harassment or discriminatory issues and train managers in conflict prevention. In addition to broadening the company knowledge bank, workplace diversity also allows organizations to cater more successfully to Canada’s increasingly diverse consumer base.


Workplace Coaching | Aviary Group

However – particularly since promotions are generally conferred based on job-specific expertise – many managers lack the interpersonal, communication and organizational skills to succeed as leaders. Aviary Group’s Workplace Coaching sessions can transform uncommunicative, skills-oriented managers into role-models capable of galvanizing staff to work to their highest potential.