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By: Avantext  09-12-2011

TechPubs Aircraft Manuals and Maintenance Libraries

Get everything you need for manufacturer-specific maintenance research in easy-to-use CD or DVD formats with Avantext TechPubs Libraries. The most economical, interactive, and user-friendly collection of aircraft maintenance manuals available in the digital domain today, TechPubs are designed to make your job easier.

Hard copy aircraft manuals and parts books can be incomplete, hard to read, and outdated. And microfiche requires time-consuming filing and organization. With Avantext TechPubs you get an easy-to-navigate program with interactive tools to help you quickly find and work with the information you need.

Work-saving Features
  • Table of contents with every document.
  • Keyword Search lets you search for words, part numbers, or a string of words in any document, cutting your search times in half.
  • Zoom Tool allows you to view diagrams in ever-greater detail—up to 1600 percent closer.
  • Unlimited printing of copies means you can print the pages you need and keep them by the aircraft for reference or include diagram copies with customer paperwork.
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Our electronic content and software products can help you meet your regulatory, maintenance, and reporting requirements for. The Ultimate FAA compliance reporting tool Manufacturer-specific maintenance information. Create an account and use our shopping cart to buy online. Get the documentation information you need.


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The AD Basic Library is designed for users who already have the service bulletins for their aircraft or for those who need to research airworthiness directives but don't need the referenced bulletins. The AD Small Aircraft Library is designed for users who need to research airworthiness directives, plus service bulletins incorporated by reference by Airworthiness Directives for the small aircraft.