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By: Avanquest Usa  09-12-2011

Avanquest Software is here to help you

We can provide you with truly customized solutions best suited to the needs of your customers. Our solutions can be adapted to your requirements in a variety of ways; here are some of them:

All our OEM software products are designed to be modular: You can choose 'à la carte' the existing features you want included in your customized solution, and we can develop and add any further specific features that you may require. As a result of this flexibility, Avanquest Software delivers you software perfectly adapted for your target market in minimum delay and with minimum investment on your part.Our software can be seamlessly integrated into your hardware product or a broader software suite. We'll develop the interface according to your preferences; this may include your logos or trademarks, or those of your partners, wherever you want.  The result? A coherently branded end product in line with your customers’ expectationsWe can localize all our software into the languages you require. More languages may be added at a later date according to your evolving needs. Some of our products are already available in 28 languages.With OEM Support offices in Denver, Paris, Shanghai and Taipei we ensure round-the-clock support for our partners. Our support team makes use of sophisticated intranet tools.We make sure CDs are delivered to your warehouse when needed.We are used to interface with a wide range of platforms, networks and communication protocols.We take great pride in offering you a high level of customization including Feature Set, User Interface, Dialog Boxes, Tray-bar pop-ups, Loader and Installer.Take advantage of our dedicated Human Interface team to provide your customers with the best possible user experience.

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Avanquest OEM solutions and information for partners - products

Our productivity software save small business owners time and money by providing them with easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tools to communicate with their customers, organize and track their products, create marketing materials to drive business and effectively manage their finances. The ultimate solutions for PC-based communications, marketing material and financial tools designed to save time and money.


Avanquest OEM solutions and information for partners - solutions

As a manufacturer of Devices within the home network such as Routers, Webcams, Storage devices, Printers, Digital Picture Frames, there are several areas in which a solution from the Avanquest OEM division can help your customers get more from your hardware. This application is also bundled with notebooks and accessories incorporating wireless modules such as Asustek, Lenovo, Datang, Giant and Dialogue.