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By: Automotive Insight  09-12-2011
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Vehicle Electrification, New Powertrain Technologies, and Fuel Economy Improvement

  • EV and HEV Analyses: Plug-in, Full/Mild Hybrid, Stop/Start -- Does Technology Matter to Consumers?
  • Vehicle Electrification vs. Other Technologies, e.g. Hydraulic Hybrids, Flywheel energy storage
  • Advanced Battery and Storage Device Development Trends
  • Vehicle Fuel Economy Improvement -- New Powertrain Technologies, Lightweight Materials (Aluminum, Composites), and Other Solutions

Client Engagements

  • Comprehensive assessment of industry status and plans for fuel economy improvement and vehicle electrification technologies for TARDEC
  • Assessment of Smart Grid, EV Charging systems, and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) potential and technology needs
  • Assisting cities to develop charging system plans for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

Collaborative Projects on Dual-Use Automotive and Military Vehicle Technologies

  • Identify convergence areas between Military and Civilian vehicle needs and requirements
  • Initiate new, strategic relationships between automotive and military OEM's and suppliers for collaborative research and technology transfer
  • Identify common technology needs and develop proposals for technology collaboration projects

Client Engagements

  • Data acquisition to develop usage profiles and guide replacement strategies for non-tactical military vehicles to maximize fleet fuel efficiency
  • Opportunity analyses of TARDEC Technology Focus Areas vs. Automotive OEM R&D initiatives
  • Conduct meetings between Military Vehicle and Auto OEM R&D personnel leading to CRADA

Advanced Vehicle Safety, Communications and Computing Through Telematics

  • Provide expertise on V2V and V2I vehicle connectivity and telematics solutions
  • Projects on Intelligent Transportation Systems that link government and industry
  • On-board Diagnostics & Prognostics for new powertrain development and customer vehicle health analysis

Client Engagements

  • Assisting automotive suppliers and OEMs in pursuing the DOTÂ’s Safety Pilot for crash avoidance
  • Mobile Communications & Computing System for Army, National Guard, and First Responders utilizing affordable, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies
  • Study for ITS-Michigan on the potential for Smart-phones to deliver active safety and collision avoidance technologies into vehicles

Business Strategy, Product Innovation, and Marketing Studies

  • Conduct market studies and identify new business and product opportunities
  • Quantitatively model new technology acceptance using attributes and persona mapping
  • Help clients develop technologies with the highest potential market acceptance

Client Engagements

  • Research for supplier on automotive potential for new, lightweight composite material to improve fuel economy
  • Consumer acceptance study to evaluate hydraulic hybrid powertrain market potential for OEM
  • Brainstorm and evaluate new approaches to Automotive Sales & Incentive Promotions

Keywords: vehicle