AutoBill Plus - Private Billing

By: Autobill Plus  09-12-2011

The Private Billing module allows you to bill services not fully covered by OHIP. Such services could include Ontario Medical Association fees or even products as an extension of your practice. It allows you to easily create and print invoices and receipts to either an individual patient, insurance company or another funding source. It fully supports customizable service codes, different payment methods/terms and applicable tax.

Other features include:

  • Use of invoice status indicators including outstanding, partially paid and fully paid.
  • Multiple-form application - work with more than one form at the same time.
  • On-the-spot receipt generation from the invoice form.
  • Automatically print an invoice and receipt from the program's invoice and receipt form.
  • Invoice History for all patients and funding sources.
  • Complete integration with AutoBill Plus Basic Program. Includes patient information, invoice history and receivables, all found in the Basic Program.

(*Note: The Private Billing module is currently in the Beta phase of development. If you are interested in contributing to the development and/or testing of the module, please contact us)

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AutoBill Plus Validation - Health Card Validation

Use this module to validate a single health card or multiple health card numbers at any time - even before a patient's arrival. AutoBill Plus Validation module enables you to validate the status and eligibility of a health card at point of service. The validation service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health.


AutoBill Plus Swipe - Card Reader Application

All it takes is one swipe of the card and the patient's information is shown on the screen with the option to save/update the information into the main AutoBill Plus database. Complete integration with AutoBill Plus Basic Program including patient information and claim transfer to the Daysheet. Patient visitation information is easily stored and transferred to AutoBill Plus Basic program for claim processing.


AutoBill Plus - Appointment Scheduler

For those who have purchased AutoBill Plus Validation, we will be adding point of service Health Card Validation features to our Appointment Scheduler module, at no additional cost. It provides the ability to book and cancel a patient visitation with the ability to indicate a patient's arrival or no-show. The Appointment Scheduler allows you to manage your daily appointment and visitation schedule.