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By: Authenticity Consulting  09-12-2011
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Why Prepare a Business Plan?

  • To improve profitability – Might there be a better way to do things?

  • To obtain financing – Do you need funds to grow your business?

  • To minimize your risk of failure – Is your existing plan only "in your head"?

  • To update in a changing world - Is your industry in transition?

  • To refresh your vision and values - To guide and manage change?

  • To clarify and coordinate your strategy and goals – Shall we take a fresh look?

  • To update your existing plan – Is your current business plan still relevant?

  • To start, buy or sell a business – Are you starting a new business or division?

A Professional Business Plan -- Critical to Your Success

Investors and funders expect to see a professional business plan. Flaws can mean the difference between getting their attention and getting lost in the shuffle. Did you know that they look for what's wrong with your plan as much as what's right with it?

If your plan is not the professionally written, clear and convincing, then you don't get the money.

The business planning process helps you identify operational problems and opportunities -- before you implement your plan. That saves you time and money.

The process naturally helps your team reach agreement, in advance, and on purpose. They work together to create priorities and strategies that they "own" -- and to which they commit their deepest passion.

The plan is a working roadmap to achieve your goals, with defined interim benchmarks to gauge your success. The plan is a very important document to present to your Boards of Directors to get their full support -- and enduring respect.

Why Engage a Professional to Prepare Your Business Plan?

You may:

  • Feel bogged down in the day-to-day and lose sight of the bigger picture

  • Need to rediscover, refresh and fuel your passion
  • Seek an expert with new perspectives
  • Benefit from bouncing around your great ideas
  • Desire accountability for your vision and professional commitments

Improve All Aspects of Your Business Plan

Relevant, realistic and flexible business planning -- and developing your key business strategies -- require expertise, skills and experience in:

  • Strategic planning

  • Business planning
  • Market research
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Financial forecasting
  • Product development
  • Leadership and management planning
  • Risk analysis
  • Investor pitches
  • Implementation strategies
  • Managing change

We help organizations from around the world. Yet every organization is different -- we customize the planning process to suit the nature and needs of your organization.

Keywords: Business Planning, Leadership And Management, Market Research, Planning Process, Product Development , Strategic Planning,

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