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By: Aurora Environmental  09-12-2011
Keywords: energy efficiency, environmental management, Environmental Consulting

  • Logistics: arranging location, food and documentation
  • Facilitate retreat or workshop, providing a range of facilitation techniques
  • SWOT analysis for retreats: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
  • Analyse results, provide final report

  • Historic and current research
  • Data collection and data analysis
  • Questionnaires and topical analysis

Costs are climbing for energy: hydro, natural gas and at the pump.

Aurora Environmental Consulting offers business leaders the opportunity to benefit their businesses and the environment by learning more about

  • environmental management
  • energy efficiency
  • waste management
  1. Workshops for anyone who wishes to attend
  2. Workshops specialised to single businesses for their staff
  3. Individualised consultations with single businesses

These workshops will be offered once a month for a maximum of 20 participants, providing basic training for an office work site on environmental management, energy efficiency and waste management. Participants will leave prepared to work within their businesses on concrete environmental initiatives.

Workshops will be held in the workplace of the sponsoring business, with their chosen staff, for a session that will include analysis of environmental impacts, development of goals and objectives, and a plan for implementation which the business can initiate as desired.

Aurora Environmental Consulting will contract with the business for selected services:

  • Make an on-site visit to provide an in-depth analysis with the input of the business
  • Provide a report with recommendations
  • Facilitate the development of goals and objectives
  • Facilitate implementation

Keywords: energy efficiency, Environmental Consulting, environmental management, Facilitate Retreat