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By: Auraphyt  09-12-2011
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Quick weight loss

One of the main benefits of the


method is that it promotes fast weight-loss; 5 to 9 pounds (2 to 4 kilos) during the first week, and 3 to 5 pounds (1.5 to 2 kilos) in subsequent weeks. Even during the first few days, there is a noticeable slimming of the waistline; and the more our clients lose weight, the greater their motivation becomes.

Suppresses appetite

When it burns, fat releases energetic substances in the body that will eliminate hunger pangs for some 48 hours. This is a benefit that is greatly appreciated.

Slims down in the right places

Thanks to its high-quality proteins, the


method promotes a rapid slimming of the body. Clients notice a significant reduction in their waistline, hips, rear end and thighs. As well, cellulite is substantially eliminated. Finally! The diet every woman dreams of !

Promotes healthy skin



, your skin becomes supple and silky, with the high-quality proteins helping to protect it from sagging.

Protects your muscles

Once again, thanks to its high-quality proteins,


offers complete protection to the muscles. Unlike many diets that actually lead to muscular breakdown, our treatment promotes healthy muscles. Above all else, our method burns fat while protecting muscles.

A energy boost

When fat burns, it releases energetic substances into the body that boost a person’s energy levels.

Keywords: weight, Weight Loss