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By: Attributor  09-12-2011


Innovating New Ways to Grow Revenue

Monetization can mean a lot of things, especially when it comes to online syndication. That said, regardless of which methods are used to monetize your content, in order to effectively generate revenue from online distribution, there can not be free alternatives readily available.

The Free Alternative

The Next Generation

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Attributor | Products

Attributor products and services are used by all types of publishers - from the largest publishers in the world to individual authors - across the book publishing, news, magazine, and financial sectors to address all of the components of the digital content ecosystem including supply, distribution and demand.


Attributor | Protection

Attributor's solutions provide coverage across many languages – including double byte character languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean – and a myriad of publishing formats. A truly comprehensive solution must also be able to provide insight into syndication patterns regardless of country, language, or format of distribution.


Attributor | Business Intelligence

In one customer example, after noticing a high incidence rate in a particular country, we found that the content had not been made available upon release in that geography and native language. Translating the data generated from an effective anti-piracy campaign into meaningful insight that impacts business decisions is a critical component of a comprehensive online strategy.


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Attributor’s Software as a Service and fully outsourced solutions enable publishers, authors and content creators of all sizes to navigate the rapid shift to digital content distribution. As more and more consumers turn to the Internet for their reading material, publishers must find ways to move their businesses online.


Attributor | Guardian

Guardian Author Portal In an effort to make reporting infringements easy and timely, the Guardian service provides authors with a web interface to directly report incidents of infringements. In addition to the intensive web-crawling activities, known piracy feeder and seed sites are manually checked on an hourly basis by Attributor trained professional services staff.