Basic Playboy CD

By: Attractanddate  09-12-2011

Did you know every man was in situations where he wanted to start a talk with an interesting woman stranger, but he couldn’t find a single word until after she was gone.

Did you know many men want to go out, but their friends invent reasons to stay at home, or do not support them when they are in clubs.

It is totally normal to have a fear of rejection and nobody wants to get embarrassed. 

But solution is easy and natural.

Do you want to learn:

Easy phone missions to call the woman and get positive effect 100% of time

How to enter the “hunter” mindset while just listening

How to make your body language follow your talk

Approach an unknown woman as her friend

Erase negative childhood programming

How to get her even if her girlfriends try to stop you

How to stand out from 99% of men in clubs

Simple technique to destroy male blockers

What to do if she asks “are you trying to seduce me?” 

With a few simple exercises you will meet women just like that! Because it is simple and natural.

Do you want that?

If you want that. Lets do it! Its time to make the first step. For only 27EUR download Basic Playboy CD and enter the world of confidence.

Special Bonus: Listening/reading combination is best for learning. Transcripts are included free of charge. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Attract and Date Corporation.

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