By: Ats Rheosystems  09-12-2011
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The High Resolution Research Rheometer

STRESSTECH HR represents the latest development effort from ATS RheoSystems. Based on the STRESSTECH platform, STRESSTECH HR represents the highest performance research grade rheometer available in the world today. With enhanced position resolution and ultra low torque capability, measurements never before attainable are now available. STRESSTECH HR was designed for the researcher who requires the very best. The instrument couples nano radian position resolution and nano Newton meter (nNm) torque range, with our patendted Differential Pressure Quantitative Normal Force Sensor, and Windows XP compatible RheoExploer V5 operational software. Steady shear, transient (creep/stress relaxation) and periodic (dynamic oscillation) testing modes are available. Samples can range from low viscosity fluids to high modulus solid materials. The instrument is built around a dedicated, high speed bit computer for unprecedented performance, versatility, and reliability. Remote control operation, remote diagnostics,and service is available via the internet. The patented Differential Pressure Quantitative Normal Force Sensor is non interactive, and does not cross talk with the torque signal. The Normal Force Sensor has a wide dynamic range and can be used for both user selectable constant force loading and quantitative normal force measurements. Neither the normal force or torque signals interferes with the motion, or applies any external forces on the air bearing. This technology is unequaled in the industry. The instrument has automatic, real time, inertia compensation (not a software correction after the data is collected), and automatic temperature compensation of the gap during temperature sweep experiments. RheoExplorer is a true 32 bit Windows interface designed for Windows XP with true multi-tasking capability. The user can easily transfer data to any other Windows application, can support any Windows compatible output device, and can send data directly to a network server. Both Time/Temperature Superposition, IRIS (licensed from Dr. H. Winter at University of MA), and advancned rheological modeling are available. Being built around a dedicated, on board computer, the instrument hardware provides adaptive, direct control for constant rate and constant strain measurements. All electronics are built into the instrument to minimize bench space requirements. Output from the instrument is through an industry standard RS232 line to any PC with an open com port. There is no interface card or software key limitations, and the computer is not dedicated to just running the rheometer. Not satisfied only with instrument performance, all instruments come with installation and commissioning, and a full 1 year parts and labor warranty. Software updates are included at NO CHARGE during the warranty period and with PM&C coverage. Subsequent to the warranty period, a full spectrum of extended service agreement options are available.

Key Features

Patented Quantitative differential Pressure Normal Force Sensor Standard.
True Windows Environment user interface with multitasking capability, mouse control, data exportation, and on line help functions.
Operation by any Windows based computer or notebook with remote control operation (no interface card required)
Automatic gap setting for controlled reproducible sample loading.
Automatic compensation for thermal expansion of measuring systems.
Built in communication port for remote control operation, remote service diagnostics, and software updates.
Automatic Inertia Compensation.
Couette, plate/plate, and solid torsion measuring systems.
ISO 9001 approved.

Keywords: Force Sensor, Interface Card, Remote Control, Remote Control Operation, Rheometer,

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