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By: Atrium Dental  09-12-2011
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Atrium Dental Center

Services We Offer

On one of your first visits to our office, as soon as any emergency situations are stabilized and you are free of pain, we will take the time for a comprehensive oral health evaluation. Comprehensive means that we will examine and evaluate all areas of your oral health. We will screen for decay, worn out or broken fillings, gum disease and oral cancer. We will also evaluate your bite, your jaw function, your home care and the cosmetic appeal of your smile. This appointment will be one of co-discovery. You will have an opportunity to get to know us a lot better and you will definitely leave with a better understanding of the status of your oral health--what got you where you are today and what needs to happen to get you where you want to be. Throughout this educational process you will have an opportunity to view and evaluate exactly what we are seeing through the use of intra-oral photography. In just a few minutes of viewing your mouth up close and personal on a 19” computer monitor, you will develop a great understanding of your dental strengths and weaknesses.

A thorough, comprehensive evaluation is paramount to designing a program which results in lifelong oral health--a mouth that has great function, good looks and is very comfortable. After that appointment we will put together an individualized recommended course of treatment based on your specific needs and desires. We will then meet with you again at no charge to discuss your condition, our recommendations and to answer your questions. You will then be able to make informed decisions about your treatment.

We are dedicated to making your visits to our office as comfortable as possible. Our goal while delivering any dental service is that you feel no discomfort. We take extra steps with all of our patients to assist us in achieving this goal. We always tell our patients at the beginning of each treatment period that if at any time we fall short of our goal and they do feel something all they have to do is raise their hand and we will stop and take care of your discomfort.
Sedation Dentistry:
Sedation or “sleep” dentistry is the answer for patients who are extremely fearful or who want to get a lot done in a long appointment--up to several hours. With sedation dentistry you’ll be responsive, but drowsy and in and out of sleep throughout your appointment. The area we will be working on will be numb with local anesthetic, but you will be less aware and far less concerned about what’s going on. Most patients don’t feel or remember a thing. We try to make ourselves available when you need us. With emergencies, getting you comfortable again is our primary objective. During our regular work week most emergencies can be seen for pain control that same day. If you are a current patient of Atrium Dental Center, you may call Dr. Howell at home if you have an emergency outside normal business hours. The best way to handle emergencies is to prevent them in the first place through a regular oral health maintenance program. We want to do our best to help you to keep your smile for a lifetime. That's why we believe that a program of continuing care that's right for you is so important. We'll recommend a program that includes effective home care and periodic checkups and oral hygiene visits to help prevent potentially serious problems, screen for cancer, and help you keep your smile looking its best. With new cosmetic procedures there are many ways we can change the look of your smile. Some options include:
Whitening Teeth:
There are a wide variety of both professional and over-the-counter whitening systems, and almost all of the systems, if used properly, will result in some benefit in brightening your smile. Overall you can expect professional systems to deliver a superior result because they contain stronger whitening agents and because a custom delivery system keeps a higher concentration of the active ingredient in contact with the tooth surface. We use a professional custom-tray in-home whitening system, which offers you the flexibility of whitening your teeth whenever it best fits your schedule. It also gives the advantage of being able to give your whitening a booster a year or two down the road by just purchasing the whitening agent at a much reduced cost.
Bonding involves the use of highly polishable composite resins to alter the shape and appearance of the teeth. Composites can produce beautiful results which typically last from 4 to 7 years. To see before and after shots of cosmetic bonding, visit our .
Porcelain veneers are one of the most versatile, lifelike and longest-lasting solutions to correct undesirable features in your smile.

Implants are the treatment of choice for replacing lost teeth. An implant is an artificial root placed in the bone. The implant can then be used to hold a crown, as a bridge abutment or simply to anchor a partial or denture. They are very versatile tools to make artificial teeth behave very much like natural teeth.

A beautiful smile is an asset that will pay dividends throughout your life. Orthodontics is the process for correcting the alignment of the teeth and jaws for maximum esthetics (beauty), function and cleansibility. If you have any concerns about the alignment of your teeth please bring them to our attention. In addition to conventional orthodontics, we also offer a new technique, "invisible braces", which uses a clear, removable aligner to gradually straighten teeth. In as little as 1-2 hours per day and at the fraction of the cost of conventional orthodontics you can get the smile you have always wanted.
For small to medium areas of decay on both front and back teeth we use tooth-colored composite resin fillings. We believe the use of composites preserves and strengthens the remaining tooth structure, and we like the idea that this restorative is mercury free. When larger areas of the tooth are decayed or missing, the tooth may be better restored with some type of inlay/onlay or crown. In any given circumstance we will make a recommendation of what restorative will best serve your dental needs so that you can make an informed decision.
Crown & Bridge:
New porcelain restorations look like natural teeth, and are very strong. They are used in situations where there is not sufficient tooth structure to hold a filling. Crowns can be made metal free, all porcelain; they can be made with a metal framework and porcelain in the cosmetic zone; or they can be constructed of all metal, or either gold, semiprecious or non-precious metal. We can help you decide which will work best for your situation.
Partial Dentures (known as "Partials"):
There are several types of removable partials. Interim partials are used to replace missing teeth immediately following an extraction. They can be worn for a few months, but are not indicated for long term tooth replacement. Flexible partials are metal free partials. They are practically unbreakable and may be used for long term tooth replacement. Metal frame partials work best when several teeth are missing or when all teeth are missing on one side. The framework gives the partial rigidity, imparting better function.
Hybrid Removable Partial Dentures:
A hybrid combines the advantage of the metal free, flexible partial in the clasp areas and the advantages of the rigid frame for better function. This is the best of both worlds and has worked very well for many of our patients.
Dentures can be beautiful reproductions of natural teeth, or they can be downright ugly, not work and end up in the drawer. Some peoples' mouths are much better suited to wearing a denture than others. However, getting the teeth in a position so they look nice, support your lip properly and allow you to chew food are minimal requirements. Implants may often be used to make a loose denture function more like real teeth.
Denture Implants:
Ask us how we can make you a denture which looks and functions more like natural teeth. With any kind of surgery, our goal is to achieve the desired result with little or no discomfort. We have several options to relieve your anxiety and keep you comfortable during and after your treatments.

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