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By: Atp Records  09-12-2011
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Welcome to the ATP services page. Feel free to browse the multitude of high quality services we offer. Simply use the navigation on the left hand side to choose a service to see the individual service details.

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Music Production

Top of the line quality and "Radio Ready" Master Recordings is our goal with every recording project. We record our projects at some of Nashville's finest state of the art studios and use the same talented musicians who play on the hit records you hear on the radio. Whether you want to record a single or a complete album, our production staff will capture the essence of your sound and help define who you are as an artist. If you're serious about a career in the music industry and committed to making music that puts you on the same playing field as the major label artists, then ATP is interested in working with you.

Radio Promotion

Radio promotion campaigns are very important for an independent artist and here at ATP we take great pride in our radio promotion strategies. We only work with a select number of artists who understand the value and need of a serious record promotion strategy and who have the talent to back it up. We specialize in Regional and National radio campaigns, with a focus on Music Row and Billboard Indicator Reporting Stations. If your music is worth being heard on radio and you want to see your name on the charts, we can get you there. Radio promotion campaigns are not cheap or easy, so this service is only for the artists who are committed and willing to invest in the promotion of their music. Budgets vary according to the size and scope of the promotion campaign.

Record Label

ATP Records is not your typical "Label for Hire" or "Virtual Label" that only focuses on radio promotion. Although promotion is one of our strongest assets to an artist, we offer many other label services such as CD cover art design, CD manufacturing, song licensing, online marketing and digital distribution. We are very selective about the artists we call ATP Recording artists, so you have to meet our standards as far as talent and character go. We only put our label name on the artists we believe can be successful and are just as committed as we are to making it happen.

Artist Development

Every great artist achieved his or her success by properly building a strong foundation from the early stages of their career. ATP's Artist Development is a key process in achieving long-term success for any new artist. We work diligently to build the proper image for our acts by helping with professional photo shoots, career and media training, webpage development, online media promotion, branding, song searches and song critics. In addition to development, full time Artist Management can be provided by ATP for a select few artists. For more information about Management or Development, give us a call.


Once upon a time an artist did not need full time management until their career reached a certain income level, but in today's competitive environment, the need for full-time management is becoming a necessity. ATP can help with day to day issues such as dealing with booking agents, show promoters, press, band issues, negotiating sponsorships and anything else relating to artist's career. For new artist who are not yet generating a sufficient income from their music, ATP will work for artist on a monthly retainer which is recouped by artist against future management fees. For artists who are generating an income from their music or an ATP production / promotion client, ATP will consider working on a percentage only basis.


ATP has wonderful relationships with many of the Top song pluggers in Nashville. Therefore, we are able to broker much better rates for our clients. Our song pluggers can get your music to the industry's top producers, artists and label A & R reps. Although we can't guarantee a cut by a major artist, we do guarantee that the song will be heard by the right person. Writers must have material that is acceptable by ATP and song-plugger to be considered. Rates vary depending on the size of writer's catalogue and the time frame of the contract.

Keywords: Artist Development, artists, Music Industry, music production