Aton Connect for SSH, VT220, Telnet

By: Aton International  09-12-2011
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Do issues with your servers happen while you are out to lunch or after you have gone home for the evening?

Do you drive back to the office, or pull your laptop out in a restaurant to fix the problem?

Does this frustrate you?

Why not discreetly check the server from your phone, fix the problem and continue enjoying what you were doing?

With Aton Connect for SSH,VT220, Telnet installed on your Windows Phone, you can take care of the issue from any location with a cell phone or WiFi connection!

Here’s what makes Aton Connect perfect for anyone who needs to access UNIX and Linux servers:

  • Easy to Implement – Just install our software on your Windows Phone and enter the connection information for your Linux / UNIX servers and you are connected to your servers.
  • Reliability and Security – Supports security protocols SSH-2 and SSH-1 with various security ciphers included. We combined the reliability of our Telnet terminal emulator with the proven communication and robust security elements of PuTTY 0.60 SSH/Telnet client for the Windows XP/Vista/7 desktop operating systems. Aton Connect includes SSH public / private key generator with a private key format conversion and import/export utility.
  • Low Risk – Developed by a US company with more than 20 years of experience in data access and embedded and mobile devices. Quick response e-mail support is available to assist you even before your purchase. Try it  for 30 days free of charge and we will help you get up and running.
  • User Friendly – Familiar interface minimizes training and adoption time. Adjust font size and color and background color to make your viewing easier. Switch to landscape mode, talk on the phone or use your internet browser without losing your server session. Record a series of keystrokes as a macro and map it to a keyboard key to cut down on tedious input. Aton Connect has a custom soft keyboard for VT220 terminal emulation which gives easy access to function and control keys along with a full Latin9 character set for Western European languages including euro symbol.
  • Low Cost – A Pro tool at a very cool price. Reliable with features you need.

Aton Connect for SSH, VT220, Telnet enables access to UNIX and Linux servers that  use Telnet Internet protocols.

It emulates the Telnet series of operator terminals used with UNIX and Linux servers.

Aton Connect is composed of a Telnet host access protocol engine (embodied as a .NET component). It connects to a Windows Mobile user interface that emulates the original monochrome screen. It can be used as downloaded to access servers in a way similar to the familiar desktop terminal emulators.

You will need a wireless or wire line TCP/IP connection such as: 802.11, IRDA, desktop cradle, GPRS, etc. Connection may be made via private LAN, VPN or Internet that supports standard Telnet protocol (usually port 23 but is configurable). It connects to a public or private  Telnet server attached to the host server. Aton Connect now supports SSH-2 and SSH-1. Aton Connect is also compatible with common VPN clients including SonicWall (Aventail) and Juniper Networks.


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Here’s how it works:

  1. Click “Try” on this page. Fill in your name and a valid email address and click “Send Trial.”
  2. You can purchase your copy of the Aton Connect license at any time. (60% of mobile app testers purchase an app after one week of testing.)  Just click the “Buy” button or use the link in one of the emails.

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Keywords: Mobile User Interface, Operator Terminals,

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