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By: Atlanta Movers Review  09-12-2011
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When planning your move to Atlanta, it is important to choose local Atlanta movers you can trust.  You need to feel confident that your move will go as safely and securely as possible.

1.  Consult Hometown Directories

You can find these important business listings in the phone book for any major city or you can browse through listings online as well.  This is a great starting point for finding a list of moving companies in Atlanta.

If you wanted to go one step further, you could also check the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce to see if they had any additional movers listed.

2.   Ask for Referrals

When choosing a local Atlanta mover, it is always a good idea to ask around for referrals from friends and family.  This is possibly the best way to weed out the great Atlanta movers from the second rate companies.

If you don’t have friends or family in the area, you can also check online review sites to read about whether or not people have been happy or unhappy with the services they have received from a variety of Atlanta moving services.

But remember, everyone’s experience is different and one bad experience from a friend or family member doesn’t necessarily mean that the Atlanta moving company won’t do a great job for you.  Get lots of feedback before you make a decision.

3.  Contact Local Movers In Atlanta

Now it is time to get in touch with a few movers. To be safe, it is a good idea to call 2-3 movers so you can compare prices, services offered and time required to get your home moved.  Make sure you ask all of the questions that you feel are necessary to make a sound decision as to which mover you will use.

Ask about price, how long the move will take, is the day and time guaranteed, are moving supplies included, do they offer any extra protection for your belongings, are they insured and bondable, etc.  You want to be sure you have all of the important information you need before you decide.

4.  Watch For Hidden Fees

When you are collecting your research and asking friends and family about their moving experiences, be sure to ask if there were any fees that were incurred that they weren’t expecting.  This is a common hazard to watch out for.  Many of the top rate Atlanta movers will guarantee no hidden fees, but you can ask that this type of guarantee be added to your written contract to keep yourself protected.

If you follow this simple checklist, it will help you choose the best local Atlanta movers for your relocation.

One of the most stressful times in life is planning a move.  Whether you are moving from the home you have owned for 50 years or are newlyweds buying your first place, there is no doubt that moving is stressful.  But choosing the right Atlanta movers and Atlanta moving company can help.

We realize that the decision of “how” to move can be emotionally draining.  Should you hire a moving company and trust them with your cherished belongings?  Or save a few bucks and do all of the packing, relocating and unpacking by yourself?  The choice can be a tough one, but it is an important choice to make.

Here are a few thing to be on the look out for when you are conducting your Atlanta movers research:

  • What is the history of the company?  Is it a family-owned business that has been helping people move to Atlanta for 40 years?  Are they a brand new company?  Explore each company’s track record to see how much experience they have.
  • Does it appear that the company is highly focused on customer service?  This is very important.  A company that puts the best interests of it’s customers first, is a company worth considering.  Make sure they have plenty of contact information and don’t appear to be hiding anything.
  • Look into the pricing plans of each Atlanta moving company or request a free quote.  Remember, hiring the company with the lowest rates may not always be the best decision.  A highly reputable company may have slightly higher prices, but that usually means their service will be above and beyond what you expect.  Remember the age old saying “you get what you pay for”!
  • No time is more special than finding the perfect house to call home.  And moving to Atlanta can be a positive, rewarding experience if you do a little bit of research first.  Get the answers you need and feel confident that you are in good hands during this important life experience.

Planning a move to Altlanta can be a stressful event and if you are using an Atlanta mover, it can be difficult to trust someone else with your most treasured possessions.  But if you are well prepared, you know what to expect and have open communication with your mover, your move will be a pleasant experience.

Here is a quick checklist for you to follow to ensure that your Atlanta move goes as smoothly as possible.

  • In order to get the best cost estimate for your move, it may be necessary for the Atlanta moving company to visit you and have a look at what you are planning to move.  This is usually the best way to get a super accurate cost estimate.
  • Always discuss how your items will be packaged, protected and handled.  Make sure you are comfortable with how large items like furniture will be protected as well as how smaller, fragile belongings will be handled.  Be sure that all of your boxes that contain delicate or breakable items are clearly marked.
  • Be sure to find out from your mover if there are items that the company will not move.  You don’t need any surprises on the day of the move.
  • Always be available to your moving company before, during and after the move.  You should always be willing to answer any questions your mover may have as well as be present on moving day to authorize any changes.  You should always have your movers information with you in case you need to contact them.
  • If there are any items that you need to be picked up or dropped off at a different location, advise your Atlanta movers up front.  There is normally an extra cost for this service.

These are just a few helpful tips to help you and your Atlanta mover plan a successful relocation.  Moving doesn’t have to be stressful if you are well prepared and organized.  Most movers are service professionals and a reputable company will take great pride in helping you move with as little stress as possible.

Keywords: moving company

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