ATI CW3 Converter Welding Systems

By: Ati Performance Products  09-12-2011
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The "Quick Test" provides you with a fast and accurate method of determining the integrity of a converter. It's a simple, effective, proven 5-step procedure that takes under a minute. Features heavy-duty construction for unequaled durability. Easily set up in minutes wherever compressed air is available.

Applying friction material to torque converter clutches is a simple matter with this handy device. The heat platens are designed to give maximum flow of heat to the tooling, and are individually adjustable.
Designed specifically for the task of cleaning and degreasing converters and components. Has many important features like speed and temperature control, powerful 5 HP pump, 220-volt three-phase power, electric or gas heating, two spray manifolds and 24 jets for optimum coverage.

The Engine Lathe has a 30-inch bed and 16-inch swing to facilitate machining any component. Has a 7-1/2 HP, 220-volt, 3-phase motor and D-1-6 cam lock spindle.
Our GM Fixture is designed to facilitate fast, accurate welding of most General Motors torque converters. This precision fixture allows the operator to accurately place converter drive pads for welding. It's simple, easy to use, and built to withstand the punishment of a production environment.
One of the more common challenges in rebuilding a Ford converter is replacing damaged or missing drive studs. It's easy with this precision fixture, which comes with bushings, hold-down screws and a hollow end mill with arbors. Everything you need in one convenient package.
Installing turbine hubs can be a big pain when you're trying to do the riveting manually. ATI has come to the rescue with this handy air riveter. Included in the package is the riveting gun, filter, gauge and a handy assortment of rivet dies. This is an easy to use, indispensable shop aid.
Get the most out of your ATI CW3 Converter Welder by making sure that everything is properly aligned. The kit includes a dial indicator, indicator mount, set rod extension and ground sleeve -plus a handy carrying case for the precision dial indicator. It's easy to keep everything aligned!
Specially designed for long-term use, this durable tool can be resharpened many times. It is an economical, cost-effective aid to production.
This versatile tool can access hard-to-reach hubs (like deeply recessed Chrysler units) and will provide reliable service. A proven asset to any shop!

Keywords: Converter

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