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By: Atech It  09-12-2011

Network is the backbone every business is built upon. It ensures the smooth flow of resources and communications that are the state-of-the-art value and core to enhance daily business.

ATech Group Co., Ltd. assists you in creating a standardized, more manageable computing environment, in which user down-time is minimized through the use of workstation “images”. If you already have a network infrastructure, we can work with you to upgrade, convert, or add the solutions that will better utilize your resources. It is our goal to make you, the client, comfortable with the work we have done, and to provide you with the support options you want.

Our networking services are designed specifically to meet your companies' needs and requirements to take advantages of the cutting-edge technology.

We'll take the time to understand your needs and goals for office automation -- not just at the present, but in the future as well. Based on your objectives, we'll analyze and recommend hardware/software to meet your requirements and help you acquire and implement it in your business effectively and efficiently.

ATech Group Co., Ltd. provides a wide range of services to get your business stay connected and reliable regardless geographical and organizational units.

- Customizable, safe, secure, easy install WiFi Hotspot, You only need a Wi-Fi router and internet accessible desktop, than your HotSpot is ready to use.
- Suitable for restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, fuel stations, department stores, supermarkets, train stations, airports, libraries,
- Wide features available such as User Authentication, User Classes, Time Limits, Download Limits, Open and Close times, usage report, Mac address filter, Active session, assigning different users, different rights and permissions to access the internet.

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Custom Software Development - ATech Group Co., Ltd

Enrollment – Handling student registration and withdrawal- Maintain student and teacher record- Student ID Card generation- Attendant record- Class scheduling- Grade reporting including honor roll, failure list- Generate mark, attendant report- Produce award, certificates.


Web Design and Development - ATech Group Co., Ltd

Up to 10 professional designed HTML pages, simple Java script applied. Up to 10 pure flash pages.


Dinex Restaurant POS - ATech Group Co., Ltd

Forced modify of food and drink from the same display screens. Generate comprehensive on-line Manager Control Reports. Flexible order split and combination. Take out order type support.