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By: Assiniboine Builders  09-12-2011
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Assiniboine Builders offers a wide range of experienced services. Contact us for details.

“You know what you want, but can’t say what you mean. You think you are being perfectly clear, but others misunderstand you. It happens all the time, and usually, the consequences are minor. In construction however, this is often not the case. Assiniboine Builders Limited has extensive experience managing your on-going projects. In the custom home market, we can represent the buyer or the builder.

As a client engaging Assiniboine Builders, you can be assured that your interests are protected. We take the time to listen to your needs and follow your direction to complete your project as planned. We regularly meet with trades and suppliers, staying abreast of changes and opportunities. We are there for you, allowing you to spend your time doing what you do best.

Assiniboine Builders also represents builders. We can assume on-site management to complete projects on time and within budget. Liaisons with clients are our strength. Let us take on this crucial stage of project completion to allow you to focus on your next project. We offer bondable project management and on-site supervision of your project. Contact us with your plans."

"One of the few guarantees in life is change. Change is constant, but Assiniboine Builders will help manoeuvre the changes.

Your business inventory is now stocked off site, and as a result your warehouse space is underutilized or vacant. The sales team operates from home and their office space sits empty and quiet. You recognized a shift in market trends and expanded staff to answer the call; where do you accommodate the new people?

That fabulous starter bungalow is now feeling tight with the arrival of the twins. Your home-based business has out-grown the dining room table for your office. The kids really need to have their own rooms now. Grow your existing home to match your growing family. Build up, down, or out.

Empty nesting can be exciting! Finally a space for your home theatre! Those two small bedrooms open nicely to your outdoor entertainment area. Imagine your private workout/yoga room!

Leverage vacant land to maximize hidden potential! Sub-divide to create multiple units. Remove existing structures to make room for future development. Re-zone and re-use. Breathe new life into your existing building or space.

Assiniboine Builders Limited can assist in planning these and many other possible opportunities. Property management and consultation services available. Contact us for a free consultation.”

"Renovating may be exactly what your current situation requires. It is often a cost effective solution to the needs of your evolving business or a changing family.

There are likely many things working for your current business location. The geography is ideal for your required services. Your suppliers and customers all know where you are located. You have no unexpected or unknown costs. You have grown a sizable equity in your property and renovating may be the most efficient way to utilize that advantage. Perhaps your space needs a new focus.

At home, local schools are perfect for your young family. You have already established strong community ties with neighbours. The kids are involved in local cultural and sport activities. The area is familiar and you have come to rely on the support network available to you. Your future plans assume some constants in planning.

Perhaps that new house is not quite your new home. Not yet, but with renovations, it can be. Make it perfect! Assiniboine Builders can assist with these and many more scenarios. We offer complete renovation services as well as FINANCING options. Contact us for details. Talk to us about your dreams."

"Assiniboine Builders listens to your design ideas. Whether you are able to articulate those ideas clearly or not, with patience we uncover your plans. We all make plans. We all have ideas. The difference occurs when we choose to act.

Your thoughts about demolition and starting anew may be unnecessary. Alterations might be in order. That simple addition may involve design aspects which may not have been considered. New construction may be too costly.

Talking about your plans is the best process to ensure a creative solution to your needs. At Assiniboine Builders, we listen and guide discussions to discover your dreams. We then interpret your plans into actions. ‘Yes, we can support that extra space on your existing foundation.’ ‘No, removing that partition will greatly impact the budget for your plan.’ ‘Will the building code allow your proposed development?’

Plans are nothing without design. The advent of modern media gives many of us access to tools formerly unavailable. Today, anybody with a television can reference design ‘experts’. An internet connection and a printer can generate a cabinet plan. None of this is designing. Assiniboine Builders will guide you to the best action for your plan. We bring experience and creativity when planning your project. Contact us for a free consultation. Let's talk about your ideas."

"Assiniboine Builders Limited offers extensive knowledge and experience when overseeing the general contracting of your project.

You may finally be building your dream home, and want to get it all ‘just right’. You may know exactly what your completed home will include. The file of magazine images and photo records is bulging with all the concepts you want to include. Despite all this preparation, your time is better spent elsewhere, off-site.

Perhaps it is finally the right time to pull down that wall to allow your space to change to meet your new needs. You have a good level of ability and experience, but you need some assistance to get the project underway. Once the demolition has been completed and the mechanicals are in-place, you are confident that you can assume direction to complete the job.

Your days might be so full that you have absolutely no time to devote any energy to the construction project your company needs in order to survive and compete in today's market. Assiniboine Builders will represent you and your ambitions when it makes more sense for you to focus on making the best use of your time. For a worry-free experience, contact us now."

Keywords: Assist In Planning, dining room, renovating,

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