By: Asset Science  09-12-2011

Mobile Device Re-Manufacturing Software

Re-Cell-Suite™ is the complete solution for mobile device refurbishing and repair companies. 
The suite includes all of our revolutionary products: Wipe-N-Load, Content-A-Sure, Pro-Diagnostics and Total-Analysis.
Our state-of-the-art tools provide mobile device refurbishing companies with the ability to design to diagnose, control, check and record each step of the repairing process.
All products are completely automated. Users simply connect the mobile device to a USB port and the software automatically performs its task.
An extensive database stores all information collected and a set of dashboard tools allows employees and managers to make better decisions to increase production and quality.
With configurable alerts, the software ensures that immediate actions can be taken when a user-defined condition is detected and limits losses in production.  Alerts are performed via e-mail or SMS.
All products run on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
We offer great pricing options and dramatic discounts for companies who use our Re-Cell-Suite as a
comprehensive and complete solution in their repair process.


  • One solution for all repair and refurbishing tools to save time, increase capacity and provide higher net revenues.

  • Lower investment per unit if entire suite is purchased and used.