The Assabet Group

By: Assabet Group  09-12-2011

To help organizations integrate environmental considerations into their business decisions, The Assabet Group provides three distinct services: 
1. Capturing Market Value  
2. Strategic Counsel  
3. Executive Awareness 

Compliance efforts are, at best, an important form of insurance. However, environmental investments can have a significant positive return. In industries from chemicals to consumer products, we've helped companies add shareholder value through their environmental actions. 
Our approach to realizing financial gains is predicated on four principles 
1. Treat environmental issues as competitive opportunities  
2. Match the analysis to the decision  
3. Monetize the environmental impact  
4. Communicate, communicate, and communicate.

The environmental arena is too often the province of druids - a fraternity of technical specialists who don't speak the language of business yet who exert enormous power over many business operations. Driven by legal structures, their work rarely provides competitive advantage and is often value-destroying. 
Against this backdrop, The Assabet Group provides strategic counsel on how to integrate the environment into core business decisions in a way that enhances the franchise. By identifying opportunities to reduce risk, lower cost, and enhance revenues, we can help you understand the parameters of the business issue, determine the range of opportunities, and develop actions that will create value.

Trained in disciplines far removed from the environment, most business managers utilize legal and technical staff for environmental affairs. While effective in a compliance-oriented environment, to integrate the environment into competitive business strategy this approach has limitations. 
The Assabet Group conducts tailored seminars and symposia to orient senior management on the emerging environmental trends and how they will - or won't - become business issues. Drawing on our network in the public, private and non-profit sectors, we help you better anticipate and manage the opportunities you will face in the future.

The nature of our work dictates that we work with senior managers of businesses or heads of significant business units. The Assabet Group works with clients in two ways: Traditional fee for service, and by sharing in the financial value created by our work together.  
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