EA100 Adapter for Attitude-based Autopilots

By: Aspen Avionics  09-12-2011

$2,495 MSRP

The EA100 Adapter is a digital autopilot interface that offers you improved safety and reliability with lower maintenance costs. The EA100 Adapter provides a digital-to-analog data conversion between the Evolution Flight Display EFD1000 and an aircraft’s attitude-based autopilot system, enabling the display’s Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) to provide accurate and reliable attitude information directly to your autopilot. The EA100 improves legacy autopilots by providing them with superior digital attitude information.

Improved safety

Whether coupled with a single Pro PFD or with a multi-display Evolution package, the EA100 leverages the Evolution Flight Display platform to offer safety enhancements over traditional mechanical or competing digital autopilot control systems. In Evolution 2000 or Evolution 2500 Package systems, the EA100 can be installed to receive attitude input from either the EFD1000 Multi-function Flight Display or the EFD1000 Pro Primary Flight Display. The redundant AHRS sensors in these multi-display configurations allow the pilot to independently monitor autopilot performance. Aspen is the only avionics manufacturer to offer this level of autopilot integration and reliability.

The attitude solution provided by the EA100 to the autopilot also incorporates sophisticated health monitoring algorithms and will immediately disengage the autopilot if an AHRS fault is detected. This represents a safety improvement over legacy designs where an autopilot would continue to respond to attitude commands from the gyro, even if the gyro had degraded or otherwise become inoperative.

Reduced maintenance costs

The EA100 is a cost-effective alternative to overhauling your legacy gyro. Extend the life of your King autopilot by utilizing the cutting-edge solid-state digital guidance input from your Evolution Flight Display. See the "Specifications" tab above for more information on replacement part approval.

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EA100 Adapter Assembly

General Specifications:

Part Number



4.5" x 6.8" x 1.8"


2.0 lbs

Operational Specifications:

Input Voltage

+11 to +32 Volts DC

Nominal Current

1.0 Amp

Certification Specifications:


RTCA DO-178B Level C



Approved Replacement Information:

The EFD1000 system coupled with the EA100 replaces the KI 256. However, if the KI 256 is not being used as the backup instrument, please consult with your installing dealer regarding appropriate alternate backup attitude indicator equipment.

The EA100 is an approved replacement for the autopilot output from the KG 258, KI 254 or KI 256 Flight Command Indicators for Class I, II and III aircraft applications for the following autopilot types: KAP100, KAP150, KFC150, KAP200, KFC200, KFC225, KFC250 (for three inch instruments), and KFC225.  

*Note: Aircraft installs utilizing a Class III PFD (EFD1000C3 Pro PFD) currently require at least a C3 Pro PFD + MFD1000 (Evolution 2000C3 Package).

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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