By: Askonline  09-12-2011
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Pricing Options

AskOnline is committed to your success. We understand that every institution has different needs, and one license will not fit all. Some schools are looking to support a small program or department, while other schools would like to make online tutoring and advising available to all students at multiple-campuses. Keeping this in mind, AskOnline has created flexible options that make it affordable for all types of implementations.

Additionally, AskOnline provides discounts to schools looking to make a multi-year commitment, as well as schools associated with specific consortiums and professional organizations.

AskOnline has developed an ROI calculator to understand how many students need to be impacted at your specific school, in order for your investment to be recouped. We think you will be very surprised at the results. Contact an AskOnline representative today, and we will walk you through the ROI calculator. Most schools quickly realize they can't afford to wait to bring online tutoring and advising to their students.

Contact AskOnline to learn more about our specific licensing options, as well as, to learn about valuable saving opportunities.

Keywords: Online Tutoring, schools