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By: Asite Solutions  09-12-2011

Built using Asite AppBuilder, NEC Manager gives you visibility and control across the NEC Contract process. Whether you are an employer or contractor, NEC Manager ensures that you have a central view of all of the Notifications on your contracts. This helps ensure that you reply within the default period for reply.

NEC Manager covers all of the standard forms within the NEC Contract, from Early Warning, through Compensation Events to completion certificates. Incidents which could trigger Compensation Events are automatically recorded on a contract Compensation Event Log to give you a real-time view of all of the agreed and potential cost and programme variations.

With the NEC Manager you can be sure that you always know the current status of your project and can't forget to send critical notifications to others. NEC Manager provides the visibility and control that both parties on an NEC Contract need to keep the project on track.

You can use NEC Manager to:

  • Allow all parties involved on the Contract to communicate in a consistent and auditable way.
  • Get real-time status of contract value and completion date as they are effected by Compensation Events occurring
  • Manage differing NEC contract types and options i.e. ECC, TSC etc
  • Add your own Z Clauses on a contract-by-contract basis
  • Allow online completion and notification of all major Contract Forms including:
    • Early Warning Notices (EWN)
    • Notification Of Compensation Events (NCE)
    • Project / Service Manager's Instructions (PMI/SMI)
    • Instruction to Submit Quotations for a Proposed Change (ISQ)
    • Contractor Quotations
    • Project Manager Assessments
    • Communications
  • Manage the Contract Risk-Register
  • Track Compensation Event Incidents from initial notification to implementation on the Compensation Event Log

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