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By: As Was  09-12-2011

eBay design and consulting. We invented it. Pioneered it. We started in 2001, when one of our website clients, Cameta Camera of Amityville, NY, asked if they could be selling all of their new digital cameras and accessories on eBay. Sure! We put together a whole plan for them, found listing software, and trained their staff on dealing with eBay orders. We wrote their About Me page, and designed a listing template, which is oddly similar to the one they still use today as eBay seller cametaauctions.

Within their first year on selling on eBay, they were selling over $1 million per month. That was million, and that was per month. We started with a bang.

When it comes to eBay design, we like to make very visual templates. These might seem a little busier than you’d expect, but think about how much time your item on eBay has to make an impression on someone before he or she chooses to hit the back button or keep scrolling. Seconds? Fractions of sections? With visual interesting designs like ours, people stay on your listing. They scroll. They want to see where the design goes. It’s like a book they can’t put down.

That means we know how to get and hold people’s attention. We know how to get them to understand your most important messages, like how and when you ship… messages that affect your DSRs and feedback.

Consulting means that we care what your design looks like. We never slap 3 pictures of what you sell into a header, make a cookie cutter layout match your colors, and call that a template. We wouldn’t even call that a design. A design requires a real designer doing design work. So those other guys? They’re not on our map. This is your business, your livelihood, and unfortunately, you get what you pay for.

Consulting means we know every eBay rule. Remember when eBay used to hold their eBay Live conference events? Our CEO gave the talks on eBay design, eBay strategies, and eBay rules. You’d think eBay staff might give those talks, but nope, that was us. That means that you are guaranteed to have a template, Store, and About Me that doesn’t break eBay rules. You should care about that! Part of how eBay ranks you in search results is whether or not they’ve ever caught you breaking the rules. If your designer broke the rules, that goes against you.

Consulting means we’re here to help you make better choices. If you have an idea that we think might work against you, we’re going to tell you we’re not so into that idea. We think you’ll thank us in the short and long term. Consulting means we want to hold your hand through processes rather than hand you a design and wish you good luck. Consulting means we want to help you for years to come.

So come to us when you want a company who will look at your business as a whole. Who are you, what is your company image, and who is your audience? How can we design something unique that will really speak to that audience? What is the personality you’re going for? This is where we start each project. Consultations are free, so get in touch, and let’s talk about a project for your business.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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